5 reasons why every car owner in Singapore needs to check out the EV Weekend at Resorts World Sentosa

Taking place right now at RWS, the free-entry virtual and on-site event brings together all the latest electric vehicles from the major brands and lets you in on everything you need to know about owning electric cars in Singapore


Singapore’s first ever electric car show, EV Weekend, is in full swing all this week. If you missed the news, here’s what it’s all about.

If you’re the type that sees a car as an expensive but essential family appliance, here’s why you need to be there.

  • Electric cars will be the next mainstream thing

The government has announced that it has thrown its weight into electric vehicles as announced at Budget 2021. It’s been confirmed that regular petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles will be gradually phased out in Singapore with the hard deadline in 2040. 

In the meantime, the usual strategy of additional taxation and rebates will be applied to steer consumers towards cleaner hybrid and electric vehicles, and away from old-school, 100 percent petrol-powered cars. 

This means that there is no turning back, and you will need to do our research to understand how this will apply to your next car, and how it will affect the automotive climate in Singapore. EV Weekend has it all on show online and onsite.

  • See EVs from six major brands all together in one place 

It’s a convenient location to see electric cars from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Mini, and Kia in one location. From the debut of the eye-popping BMW iX to the everyman’s Kia Niro EV, you can quickly come to grips with the idea that there’s an electric car for every budget. 


  • Hear the industry experts explain Singapore’s EV strategy and how this will affect everyday drivers like you

On 9th December there will be a panel discussion with leading members of the automotive retail industry in Singapore. Head from the head of marketing at Audi, the managing director of BMW Group Asia, along with other industry movers and shakers on the electric vehicle scene. They will discuss and explain how the country will transition to EVs over the next two decades and what this will mean for you and your family. You must pre-register to watch the livestream on evweekend.sg starting from 7.15pm on Thursday, 9th December.


  • Your next car will very likely have some form of electrification

And you should stay abreast with the technology. If you don’t already drive one, it’s highly possible that the next car you buy will be a hybrid. What’s there not to like about a shelf-charging, long range car that at the best of times can travel nearly 1000km on a single tank of petrol? Understanding how you can transition to mainstream electric cars in the near future will help you make an informed choice, free from the self-serving interests of sales executives on the showroom floor. 


  • Petrol prices in Singapore are set to rise, by a lot 

Nobody who owns a car likes the idea of paying more for fuel, but at the way things are going, fuel prices have been taxed to raise faster than automakers can create more efficient internal combustion engines. It’s all part of the local government’s plan to push drivers to hybrid and electric vehicles. You get a 15 percent road tax rebate until 31st July 2022 to cushion the blow, but after that it’s free for all. Electric cars don’t charge for free, but by our estimates they save you a lot of money on running costs. 


EV Weekend is Singapore’s First and Largest Electric Vehicle event, and it’s on from 3-12 December 2021 at Resorts World Sentosa! Check out the latest EVs from Audi, BMW, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Mini – see them in person, test drive them, and understand all there is to know about EV ownership and more. Sign up at evweekend.sg to find out more and win exciting prizes.

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