Singapore Motorshow 2020: 5 ‘Stealth’ Surprises To See

Hidden bargains, cool bikes and other stuff we didn’t notice in our first day at the Singapore Motorshow 2020

SINGAPORE – The headlines at the Singapore Motorshow are inevitably grabbed by the stuff people care most about – just read our stories about the Most Important Cars at the show, our pick of the Top SUVs and Green cars/EVs.

But there’s always lots to see at the show and you can’t take everything in the first time around – which is why we’ve highlighted some of the less high profile but equally enjoyable things to look out for at the show.

Mercedes-Benz C 160

Ok we’ll tell you more if you promise not to scream: This is a Mercedes-Benz C-Class that has a Category A COE. It’s the new C 160 which was quietly unveiled at the Singapore Motorwshow, and it means you can achieve the dream of owning a C-Class for less than S$180k – or S$172,800 with COE, to be precise at the Motorshow (the retail price is S$184,888 with COE).

The car features the same 1.5-litre inline four-cylinder as the C 200, but the C 200 is now a mild hybrid and has more power overall. The C 160 has 129hp and 210Nm of torque, for 0-100km/h in a leisurely 10.3 seconds (compare the C 180’s 8.3 seconds), fuel consumption is a low 6.4L/100km.

The next most expensive C-Class is the C 180, but that has a Cat B COE, and retails for S$190,888 with COE (though its promo price may be cheaper).

There are two trim options – Avantgarde (the car shown here – has a big star inset into grille, anthracite wood interior trim) and Exclusive (old style Mercedes hood ornament, brown wood interior trim) both with 17-inch wheels in differing design. The interior has the updated 12.3-inch digital instruments with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, LED headlamps, a reverse camera, keyless entry and that’s about it for notable equipment.

Not that Singaporeans will care – it’s a proven fact that the only thing we love more than a Cat B Mercedes-Benz is a Cat A Mercedes-Benz, even if the price difference isn’t huge. Ok we know you’re driving down to Suntec now, don’t trip on your way to the Mercedes booth.

Kia Cerato Anniversary Edition

Kia Authorised distributor Cycle & Carriage is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Kia with an Anniversary Edition that goes on sale at the Singapore Motorshow 2020. The special edition features an additional body kit (not the same as on the up-spec Cerato GT Line) and a wireless smartphone charger.

There’s also an additional S$2,000 discount at the Motorshow itself, bringing the price of the car in standard edition to just S$83,999 with COE and S$89,999 with COE for the higher spec EX model. The Kia Cerato is one of those cars that are really hard to go wrong with, as our review shows.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 and Panigale V4S

Ducati Streetfighter V4 (left) and Panigale V4 S (right)

Two of the latest wild things from Ducati made their first local appearance at the Singapore Motorshow as well – the new Streetfighter and the Panigale V4S.

The Streetfighter is what you get if you restyle a Ducati superbike and add taller handlebars as well as a slightly more upright seating position. You might think this makes it more usable, but only a little bit – the 1,103cc V4 engine makes a neck-bulging, class-leading 208hp.

It may not have a fairing but it does have new aerodynamic winglets to help stick the front wheel to the ground, and trust us, it may be a problem even with the advanced electronics onboard.

There’s a base  V4 model that retails for S$61,900 and a V4 S model that goes for S$71,900 (both OTR – including COE, road tax, sans insurance), the S model adds semi-adaptive TTX Ohlins suspension and forged Marchesini wheels.

The Panigale V4S is an updated version of Ducati’s much-acclaimed superbike – it made the switch from two-cylinders to four with the Panigale V4 in 2018.

Like the Streetfighter, the aerodynamics have been updated with wings on the fairing, the headlights are now recessed, there are tweaks to the suspension and electronic, changes to the geometry and subframe, and other changes to make it easier to handle at speed. 

There’s a base V4 model, like the Streetfighter, it goes for S$73,000 OTR, and the S model for S$89,000 OTR. The S model has the same improvements as the Streetfighter V4 S, and includes a lighter lithium ion battery.

Honda Motorcycles

Not only are some of Honda’s finest (that is, its two-wheelers) on display at Suntec, including the gorgeous CB 1000 R naked roadster, Boon Siew Honda is even having a fire sale on some of its models – most of them are sold out, as the sign shows, but you should still go down and take a peek and be tempted to take your Class 2B license at last.

Subaru F.U.C.K.S.

Okay don’t sic the MDA on us please, we’re only reporting what we see at the show. The Subaru Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Edition was on display at the Subaru stand in Suntec and has already achieved internet fame on a number of international auto sites and news sites. Whether it’s the William Hung type of fame or a better sort is yet to be seen.

Considering how this is a prime case of ‘No way they couldn’t have known’, CarBuyer says it’s down to having senior management who have a major sense of humour and the seniority to exercise it. We would have gone for ‘Forester Really Exclusive And Kickass Style’ Edition ourselves.

Car Care products on sale

If you buy car shampoo at your petrol station you’re paying more – as the Singapore Motorshow shows, quite a bit more. On Level 4 toward the rear of the convention space are all the car accessories and it includes car car brand Sonax’s booth which has plenty of great car care stuff on sale. We recommend the violently purple and violently effective wheel cleaner. Rival brand ArmorAll is also having big discounts further on down the row.

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