Singapore Motorshow 2020: Sunday Roundup

Thinking of doing the last-day dash?’s Singapore Motorshow coverage gives you all the details on what’s happening on at Suntec on Sunday

The 2020 Singapore Motorshow kicked off on Thursday, January 9 2020 and ends today, Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 2200h, tickets cost S$6 today.

To help you answer the question of should I/should I not go, we’ve summarised all of our analysis and motorshow coverage right here, which includes things like a big tech surprise from a Toyota mainstay, how eight companies fought to bring a Chinese-backed UK brand back to Singapore, how green cars take another step forward, and a surprise bargain from Mercedes-Benz. 

Pro Tip: If you do go, park somewhere else (Marina, Raffles City) and walk over, or take a train down.

All the new cars debuting

Before you go you have to decide what you want to see – our list of all the new cars that are appearing in Singapore for the first time right at Suntec is a good place to start.

The most important cars at the show

Our most popular story on the show to date is the headliner – we show you the top five most important cars at the show.

By ‘important’ we mean relevant to mainstream CarBuyers in Singapore, so naturally number one on the list is the new 12th-gen Toyota Corolla Altis which throws up a few techy surprises, there’s also BMW’s new small ‘sedan’, Mazda’s upscale but affordable CX-30 SUV, Volkswagen’s affordable compact SUV, Skoda’s big hatch with a possibly small price.

And if you can’t make it down, our video runthrough (below) of all these cars is the next best thing.

All the new crossovers/SUVs

What could be more important than the most important cars? Crossovers of course. Both Kia and Hyundai have new compact SUVs to look at, while Porsche’s Cayenne Coupe is seriously expensive but seriously sexy, and we see the return of a legend in the form of the new Land Rover Defender.

The green/electrified cars

Some people still think eco cars have to be boring but Volvo wants to smack you in the eyes and prove you wrong with its 400+ horsepower S60 and XC60 plug-in hybrid models. Audi has also launched its fully-battery powered SUV, the E-Tron, and we see a newcomer emerge that offers tremendous range per dollar. Read all about them in our eco/green cars list story.

The return of MG

UK-brand MG made a return to Singapore at the Motorshow, with some very interesting cars on display that look like they will offer lots of value for money, technology, and good build quality as well. CarBuyer has the inside line on how MG came back to the Lion City and why one dealership out of eight competing ones was chosen to back them.

Low-key bargains and other surprises

Mercedes-Benz quietly plopped its C 160 into place at the Motorshow – the draw is that it’s a officially-sold Mercedes for less than S$173k with COE, and if we heard rumours right, could even dip below S$170k with COE (transacted) today. We also detail the other cool bargains and things to look at in our story on the ‘stealth’ surprises of the show.

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