Skoda introduces a canine-friendly version of the Kodiaq

But here’s the catch: it’s only available to police dog units

Milton Keynes, England

Skoda UK has released images of a new variant of the Kodiaq, its versatile large seven-seat SUV. Known as the Kodiaq dog vehicle, the new car is designed specifically for use by police dog units and comes fitted with a range of canine-specific comfort and safety features that ensure a police dog can travel safely and securely to any emergency.

Skoda announced that international police forces can choose from a range of three diesel and two petrol engines that have power outputs between 150hp to 239hp, plus two or four-wheel drive options.

The car comes custom-fitted with two air-conditioned dog kennels with individual temperature monitoring for the comfort of the dogs. 

Besides access through the rear hatch, the canines can be deployed from the Kodiaq quickly and safely through a front escape hatch with drop glass built into each kennel. 

The vehicle also comes fitted with all of the standard equipment necessary for emergency service use such as the roof-mounted lightbar and an engine Run Lock system, which keeps the engine running while the key is removed from the ignition. This function enables a continuous power supply for emergency lights, radios and onboard police computers without the risk of the car’s battery going flat.

Automakers building specific bespoke versions of their car for specialist uses are nothing new though, and BMW for example, does make a special armoured version of the X5.

The Skoda Kodiaq dog vehicle is the latest in a series of emergency fleet conversions provided by Skoda in the United Kingdom, and though we can think of many dog owners in Singapore that would definitely be enthusiastic about such an option, it is not available to regular civilians anywhere in the world for now.

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