Why the Škoda Karoq is the urban compact SUV that’s perfect for Singapore

With an upgraded 1.5 TSI Engine, the very clever Škoda Karoq is your ideal companion for everyday urban adventures


Lots of outdoor gear to carry, have pets that need a suitable form of convenient conveyance, or just love the idea of driving about in a stylish, urban compact SUV? The Škoda Karoq is exactly the kind of car for an outward-looking, active lifestyle.

Smart, stylish, connected and functional, it’s the perfectly sized SUV that’s neither too big to manage, nor too small to lug around everything that you need.

In the very dynamic Sportline trim pictured here, the car gets 19-inch wheels, a full suite of LED lights, a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel, electric tailgate, and more. Or you can choose the plush and confident Style variant, with all of the same safety systems, leather seats, plus smaller 18-inch wheels for better ride comfort.

The Smart Karoq

Very few automakers build clever, practical ideas into stylish designs the way Škoda does. The exceptionally designed interior has clever conveniences fitted throughout the cabin. Take for example the double floor boot that can be configured as a split-level compartment with an out-of-sight storage area under the floor, or as a single, large space with a deeper floor for taller items. 

It has a loading sill that’s 1,233mm wide, plus three bag hooks along the side so your shopping won’t be tumbling all over the place.Maximum cargo space is a cavernous 1,630 litres. 

Up front in the cabin, a pair of very sporty front seats set the stage for the Sportline variant of the Škoda Karoq, while the Style variants get more luxurious leather seats for a totally different feel. Three-segment ambient lighting, with a choice of 10 different colours, tailors the interior to match your mood.

Further convenience and tech features that make the car so much a part of your life include the SmartLink function, which includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. The cupholder on the centre console has been designed to work as a multifunction unit and includes a holder for coins, the car key, and your parking or cashcard.

If you’re constantly annoyed by bottle holders in the doors that are too small to hold anything, the Karoq shows you that some forethought goes a long way, with door compartments that have space for 1.5-litre bottles all round.

Forget about fighting over a socket to charge all the phones at once. In the Karoq, a wireless mobile phone charging pad and additional USB-C ports lets you and your passengers charge multiple devices together.

The back seats of the Karoq Style have airplane-type folding tray tables, a very convenient surface for assembling small components when outdoors, used as a table for kids, or any other time you need a sturdy, flat surface!

The Safer Urban SUV

Packed with active safety systems monitoring the situation around you at all times, the Škoda Karoq is as safe as it is dynamic. The Side Assist and rear traffic alert use two radars at the back of the car to detect vehicles in the car’s blind spot, and will warn the driver of moving objects behind the vehicle when reversing at low speeds. 

The front mounted radar delivers Front Assist with pedestrian monitoring, which will detect pedestrian movement around the front of the car. It will also sound a warning if there is a risk of a collision, and if it calculates that impact is unavoidable the system will apply the brakes to reduce the impact of a collision.

Feeling tired but don’t know it yet? The car can detect driver fatigue and chimes in with the recommendation to take a break, so you stay safe on the roads.

Power to Go Anywhere

The Škoda Karoq’s 1.5-litre TSI petrol engine is paired with a seven-speed Direct Shift Gearbox for seamless power. The turbocharger has been tuned to deliver maximum torque at low revs for punchy acceleration in urban traffic. It packs a maximum of 150 horsepower, with an excellent fuel economy of 5.4l/100km.

It’s the smarter all-in-one SUV, with two stylish variants that adapts to any lifestyle. But don’t just take our word for it, test drive one yourself at Škoda Centre Singapore and be convinced! Find out more at www.skoda.com.sg/karoq

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