Skoda Singapore is giving out discount tickets of up to $5k for four cars in its lineup

Skoda is the latest to offer enticing discounts on its model range in Singapore, as the local dealerships get ready to woo customers back into the car buying scene in the month of June. 


Local car showrooms may all be temporarily closed, but anecdotal evidence points to a growing number of people shopping online for cars. Skoda’s Claim Your Ticket campaign is the latest to dangle a bunch of enticing carrots online for potential customers.

The campaign is making the Skoda Octavia sedan, mid-sized SUV the Karoq, seven seat large SUV the Kodiaq, and Octavia RS245 available to interested buyers with generous discounts of up to $5000 off the list price. A customer simply needs to access this link and claim a virtual ticket, which can then be redeemed for the stated discount once the actual sale takes place.

The Kodiaq SUV can now be bought at a $4k discount, with a virtual ticket that you need to claim first

Singapore is currently in a state of partial-lockdown to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Euphemistically referred to by the official press as a ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, this will last until Jun 1, 2020.

The Claim Your Ticket campaign runs from April 23 to June 2, and all customers that have picked up an online discount ticket must complete their sales transactions with Skoda Singapore by June 30, 2020. 

Fancy a smart-looking urban SUV? The Skoda Karoq can be bought at a $4k discount

 We do think that besides drumming up interest for potential buyers, this is a way for the brand to assess customer interest for the second half of the year and so can allocate units accordingly. As foot traffic into the showrooms across the island are now non-existent, dealers have been rolling out more innovative ideas to attempt to see how the car buying situation is on the ground.  

Skoda’s promotional campaign comes hot on the heels of parent brand Volkswagen’s own promotions, as well as Toyota’s online sale and Suzuki’s unique online auction.

Strange as it may sound, this might actually be the best time to be buying a car if you already had plans to do so earlier, and are in a financially secure position to do so. 

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