Skoda Singapore will pay for your first 3 months’ instalments

Sign up for any Skoda now and the dealership will cover the first three months of instalment payments for you

If you’re considering, or already shopping for a new car, Skoda Singapore has just rolled out a very interesting proposition: the dealership will pay the first three months of instalments for you, and include a free Smart Suite that is valued at $13,500 with every new Skoda vehicle purchased, including the new Skoda Superb. 

Skoda Singapore explains that the rationale behind this promotion is that many people may still need a car for their families, but may also need a little help during these few months as they take time to recalibrate life, rework their finances, and adjust to a new normal.

The excellent Skoda Superb is now an even better value proposition during this promotion

Skoda prides itself on its ‘Simply Clever’ brand philosophy, and this is a very clever way to give customers a big 3-month saving on the cost of owning a new car, with no hidden charges or delayed payments that can come back and bite you like some other less thought out promotions that simply delay your costs.

This promotion is valid on top of any current Skoda promotional prices already running, and will end on 31st July 2020.

Also, what’s in the Smart Suite? The comprehensive package covers a 5-year warranty, 5-year 24-hour roadside assistance, 3-year servicing, 1-year road tax, free solar film, and free front & rear in-car camera installation. Depending on the car that it is packaged with, the suite is worth up to $13,500. 

This practically means that the car has a warranty on it for your entire term of ownership if you keep it for five years, which is statistically how long the average Singaporean driver owns a car before trading it in.

Within its price bracket, the Skoda Karoq is possibly the most competent urban SUV you can currently buy in Singapore

With family-friendly executive sedans like the compact Octavia and large Superb, along with SUVs like the Kodiaq and Karoq, Skoda is a brand that has come to represent continental classiness and economical motoring in one complete package. If you haven’t already test driven one, you would do well to at least check them out. 

Piqued your interest yet? Find out more here.

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