Subaru’s XV gets a mid-life refresh

Subaru’s XV small SUV gets a mid-life facelift, with the addition of new driving modes, a retuned suspension and slightly revised styling

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The Subaru XV has been given a mid-life facelift, with the small SUV receiving a series of minor updates to its styling as well as under the skin enhancements. The most significant changes to the updated XV are the addition of two new selectable driving modes, namely X-Mode and SI-Drive. The suspension has also been slightly retuned, and there are minor revisions to the car’s styling as well.

The X-Mode function is a complement to the XV’s all-wheel-drive system, and allows the driver to select between two different settings: Snow/Dirt and Deep Snow/Mud. The settings are fairly self-explanatory but they essentially help maximise grip in slippery conditions by adjusting the engine’s throttle output and transmission shifts to minimise slip.

How useful such a feature will be in Singapore is debatable, but at least it offers a little bit of peace of mind when driving in the wet during the monsoon season.

SI-Drive meanwhile is more of a regular driving mode selector. It too has two modes to select from, Intelligent and Sport. Intelligent mode leans towards efficiency, and smoothens the car’s accelerator input to help with fuel consumption. Sport mode though sharpens up the throttle response for a sportier driving sensation.

Other revisions to the facelifted XV include a retuned suspension, which Subaru says has had its coils and dampers optimised for a smoother ride. The car’s styling has also been updated with redesigned wheels and a new grille and front bumper.

The facelifted XV retails for S$112,800 inclusive of COE, which puts it in competition with cars like the Honda HR-V and Kia Seltos. However, the XV is only available with a road tax-unfriendly 2.0-litre engine, which puts it at a competitive disadvantage with its key rivals. However, it does come with Subaru’s EyeSight suite of driver assistance technology, which includes features such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning and braking, and lane departure warning systems.

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