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Audi TTS 2014 on track video review


Ascari, Spain –

You’ve seen one of the neatest features of the new Audi TT, its virtual cockpit display, in our video walkthrough and you’ve read our condensed review of the standard TT 2.0 TFSI. But here’s the current range-topper, the 310bhp, 380Nm TTS model. 

It’s equipped with magneto rheological dampers, quattro all-wheel drive and does 0-100km/h in only 4.6 seconds, which is not very far from the previous-gen TT RS in terms of pace. It’s a blisteringly quick road car, but how does it handle the track?

We drove the new TTS on one of the most challenging, and fun, circuits in the world – Ascari Race Resort in Spain, and brought back some video footage for you to enjoy. Note here that the TTS has a special sport display mode for its active instrument cluster which displays revs and speed prominently. 

Hit up the video here. To make the video, we used a smartphone in a Ram X-Clamp system, which we’ll also be reviewing in CB227.

Check out CarBuyer 227 out on newsstands in mid-October for a full run-down of the new Audi TT and TTS on what’s new, improved and wholly different on the coupe, and find out why our favourite model won’t even be on sale in Singapore…

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