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BMW 228i Convertible review: Top Drop-Top


AUSTIN , TEXAS – We put the topeless 2 through its paces. 

“BMW 2 Series Convertible”. There’s never been one, so is it this is an all-new car?
Yes, in the sense that it’s an extension of the 2 Series Coupe lineup, which we found excellent driver’s cars, in 220i and M235i guises. No, in the sense that it replaces the rather popular 1 Series Convertible, which sold an amazing 130,000 units in its life cycle.

So what’s new?
The wheelbase is the same as the coupe, but it has a fabric top that can be deployed in 20 seconds (and at 50km/h or less). The ‘28i’ engine trim is a recent addition to the 2 Series range, with 245bhp and 350Nm of torque, as found in the 328i sedan. The cabrio’s 150kg heavier than the coupe too, at 1,630kg, due to reinforcement and the roof.

That sounds bad…
That’s what we thought, then we drove the 228i Convertible and were very pleasantly surprised. It’s clear the car’s possessed of fundamentally excellent dynamics, with enjoyable steering, handling and plenty of poke from the 245bhp engine.

Oh, but plenty of cars have wide talents nowadays!
True, but just like the coupe, we reckon the 228i is up for anything from daily driving to sedate cruising and even the occasional track day, all while delivering involvement and driver smiles. All BMW had to do to make the 228i great was to keep its inherent ‘2 ness’ while marrying it to a convertible style. And that’s exactly what’s been done.

Does it have any drawbacks?
The rear seats will just barely fit two adults, while luggage space is further reduced by the convertible top, and it’s noisier than a coupe, obviously. But all things any other convertible deals with,too.

AND convertibles are girls’ cars…
It’s implied convertibles are cars for women because they like cabrios and care nothing about driving dynamics. The 228i Convertible’s appeal lies in its type of inherent likeability anyone can enjoy. Or you could also consider Audi’s newly-launched TT Roadster, which is also highly free of sin. 


Engine                                     1,997cc, 16V, inline 4, turbocharged
Power                                      245bhp at 5000-6500rpm
Torque                                    350Nm at 1250-4800rpm
Gearbox                                   8-speed automatic
Top Speed                                250km/h
0-100kmh                                 6.0 seconds                                   
Fuel efficiency                           6.7L/100km
CO2                                          157g/km
Price                                          $TBA
Availability                                  Q2 2015

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