Test Drives

Land Rover Discovery 2.0 2018 Review: Smaller engine, lower price

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Mini John Cooper Works Review 2018: Quiet Riot

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Mini One 5dr Review 2018: One For The Money

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Volkswagen Golf Highline 1.4 Review 2018: Highline, high life

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Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI Review 2018: Your Q to upgrade

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BMW X4 M40d Review 2018: Glamour and grunt

New X4 M40d performance model will please not just torque junkies, but those who want … Continued

BMW X4 xDrive30i 2018 Review: Vogue Rogue

New BMW X4 breaks with the past with punchy, flexible performance that strongly backs up … Continued

Mercedes-AMG C 43 Sedan & Coupe 2018 Review

Ample proof that big changes aren’t needed when cars are this hot. Also, multi-coloured LEDs! … Continued

Mercedes-Benz C 200 2018 Review – More Than You Can C

Subtle exterior tweaks hide a sea change – and a shock for Singaporean buyers – … Continued

Lexus LS 350 Review 2018: When LS is more

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Jaguar I-Pace review: The Li-ion King

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BMW i3 94Ah REX 2018 Review

More range, less worry, zippy performance and street smarts, BMW’s i3 remains the ultimate concrete … Continued

Lexus ES 250 2018 review: Pump up the volume

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Lexus ES 300h 2018 review: A sizeable difference

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BMW M5 Review 2018: Thunder and Frightening

The BMW M5 now has a staggering 600hp, but gains all-wheel drive, which helps to … Continued

Audi A4 2.0 2018 Review: Two good

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Renault Scenic 2018 Review: Setting A Scene

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