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Volkswagen Golf GTI Review 2017

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 2The Volkswagen Golf GTI has long been more than just a hot hatch, and this facelift makes that even more obvious


The Volkswagen Golf GTI is the quintessential hot hatch. Six preceding generations and more than three decades have seen worthy competitors come and go, while the GTI has evolved from its punky, hooligan roots to something quite more.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 5

The Mark 7 incarnation brought MQB (VW’s transverse engine platform for less costly models) sophistication to the GTI, with all the same improvements that the regular Golf received, such as less weight, more stiffness, better refinement and even more onboard tech.

As a result, this GTI’s the most mature one to date, which is something the mid-life facelift emphasises even more with a few choice updates.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 6

Like the range-topping Golf R, the GTI gets 10hp power boost to bring its total to 230hp. Peak torque remains the same, but seriously, since Mark 5 onwards the GTI has always been properly, real-world quick.

More horses are nice but the vast majority of us won’t feel it. In fact, what you will feel first in the GTI is just how mature it is. The interior’s a step up from the normal Golf – this is more accentuated since the mid-range 1.4 isn’t here yet – it’s slathered in piano black, leather and red stitching.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 9

You’d have to be blind to miss the new active instrument display, the same 12.3-inch unit that’s found in the Passat and Tiguan as well as most Audis now. It’s crisp, clear and really adds to the sense of high-tech onboard, though that’s not all. VW has also upgraded the infotainment system to the new ‘Discover Pro’ system.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 8

It’s a major improvement, going to 9.2-inches and losing all its buttons. One or two should have stayed, but the system is sharp and responsive and wouldn’t look out of place on a Porsche. It packs full functionality, including navigation, phone connectivity, Bluetooth, and is paired with an excellent Dynaudio sound system.

Engage Sport mode and the GTI sheds that facade for a more aggressive one. The steering quickens, the revs build fiercely, the suspension firms up. Aim it at a piece of curvy road and the GTI delivers staggering poise and pace – it’s a wonder anyone still needs a Golf R or anything more when driving this machine in isolation.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 1

And after all this time, it hasn’t lost that key hot hatch characteristic: That of being able to deliver involving, real-world speed in an instant, but without having to achieve ludicrous velocities to coax involvement and feeling from the chassis.

But the modern GTI’s best party trick is just how happy it is doing the daily grind as it is grinding lap times. Run along at a normal pace, select the accompanying drive mode, and the GTI is excellent company. Its Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) works beautifully on most roads, and overall its ride quality is already better than the vast majority of crossovers, despite VW billing this as Sports Suspension in the equipment list.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 4

In fact, given the long equipment list, the premium feel of the entire car and the wonderfully multi-dimensional driving dynamics, there really is nothing quite like it at this level, which brings us to the other big hot hatch characteristic that’s still intact: The price. It’s not chump change at close to $185k with COE, but we challenge you to find anything else with as much ability and the same price.

VW Golf GTI Singapore 2017 2018 3
Volkswagen Golf GTI
Engine 1,984cc, inline four, 16V, turbocharged
Power 230bhp at 4700-6200rpm
Torque 350Nm at 1500-4600rpm
Gearbox 6-speed dual-clutch automatic
Top Speed 248km/h
0-100km/h 6.4 seconds
Fuel efficiency 6.5L/100km
CO2 151g/km
Price $183,400 including Certificate Of Entitlement
Agent Volkswagen Singapore
Availability Now

Verdict: Stil the hot hatch to rule them all – and a little bit more. 

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