The Vespa Pic Nic is a scoot in good taste

You have nine reasons to pick your Vespa Primavera Pic Nic, a limited edition scooter which just launched in Singapore, fast

Photos by Leow Ju-Len, Derryn Wong

UPDATE: If you want to check out the Vespa Pic Nic in person, go down to the restaurant where the launch took place, Le Bistrot du Sommelier at 53 Armenian Street. Vespa owners can show their keys there, from now til May 31, 2021, and enjoy a specially-curated picnic box for four at a promo price of S$55, and are also eligible for a five percent discount off wines and the eatery’s ala carte menu.

The last thing you want at a picnic is wasps, so the idea of a Vespa Pic Nic is a bit of a head scratcher (assuming you know what “vespa” means in Italian). But what we have here is a limited edition of the Primavera scoot, and Vespa being Vespa, it works a treat.

Vespa Pic Nic in Green Relax paint

The Primavera Pic Nic is a playful take on what life on a Vespa is supposed to be like: fun, carefree and apparently, full of frolicking on the grass while taking care of the munchies.

It officially went on sale in Singapore tonight for S$7,300 (for just the bike, no COE, insurance etc) in three colours, Green Relax, Grey Materia, and White Innocenza. Local Vespa importer Mah Pte Ltd has only three of each (told you it was limited ed) so if you want one you’ll have to pick your Pic Nic fast.

Vespa Pic Nic in Materia Grey

What you get for the money is a playfully accessorised scoot with the metal-bodied Primavera as its base. That means it’s shuffled along by the 13 horsepower, 155cc Piaggio i-Get single-cylinder three-valve engine, and rides on 12-inch wheels with a single-arm, single shock front suspension and a single shock rear swingarm. Anti-lock brakes handle the stopping duties, with a 200mm disc up front and a rear drum.

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But it’s the Pic Nic stuff that you’re probably chewing over, in which case, feast your eyes on some appropriately tasty details. Note the white wheels with matching white trim on the bike’s front shield, and the two-tone saddle for starters.

Vespa Pic Nic in White Innocenza

Brown is another colour to look for. It’s used tastefully on the footrest and rear fender decals, as well as for the straps on the front and rear luggage racks.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a special edition Italian thing if they didn’t put the colours of the Italian flag somewhere, along with a commemorative plate. This one says, “Panini not included.” Just kidding. It actually says, “Vespa Pic Nic.”

Vespa heaps more fun stuff on the scoot in the form of the accessories, which include the trappings of a nice day out: a picnic blanket, a rattan basket with a removable cooler bag and even a Vespa tumbler.

They’re all included with the Primavera Pic Nic, so all you need after you pick up the scoot are the sandwiches and coffee. While we may not be able to jet off to Florence and pack some lampredotto for lunch, the Pic Nic seems the next best thing.

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