The Best Cars Under S$100k in Singapore’s guide shows you that getting a great car for less than 100 Gs – COE included – is very much possible even in Singapore


Note: Prices are quoted with reference to July 2020’s first round of COE bidding. 

Why you should trust us: is the online version of CarBuyer Singapore, which is currently the only homegrown car magazine on newsstands here and has been in circulation since 1997, pointing out the good, bad, and ugly of Singapore’s car market.

What makes these cars ‘the best’? :

Cars here have been tested and voted on by CarBuyer’s editorial team. We have a combined experience of more than 70 years in the industry and have tested thousands of cars. In short, you can rely on us to tell you what’s worth your time and dollars – and what’s not.

Welcome to another Best Of – today we’re taking a slightly different tack, but one no less valuable to consumers. 

While our usual Best Ofs run by segment, the guiding principle of this one is budget – just like our Best Drivers’ Cars Under S$200k story (which was one our local readers seemed to enjoy a lot!). 

So we’re throwing the net wider this time and keeping it under the magic S$100k mark, with that in mind there’s more cars included in the list but with shorter descriptions, though you can always read our in-depth reviews to get the full skinny. 

If you’re worried about rising COE prices, they might not rise again in the coming weeks – we explain why in our COE analysis story.

Pretty much every car from the Best Mainstream Sedan and Best Small SUV and Best Compact Hatches lists can be included here, so we’ve included some new names in the list, and more potentials on the horizon toward the end – both of which reflect the fast-changing market situation in mid-2020. 

And if you scan through the list and see nothing that grabs you, keep in mind we’re not including used cars, nor parallel imports on this list, though you should be aware that a different set of risks which come with each. 

What should you expect from a sub-S$100k car? 

– Modest engines
Since we’re in the budget side of motoring at this price point, cars in this segment will have small engines that will give good fuel economy. For more info,  read our guide on how engine size affects how much you pay for a car over time

– Decent room and cargo space 
The smaller the budget the smaller the car, but at minimum you should be shooting for a car that fits four adults without fisticuffs breaking out, and boot space of at least 300-litres. 

– Fewer safety features 
Cars in this price range will not have active safety features (which are something we always recommend) but it should definitely have: traction control, stability control, automatic brakeforce distribution, and at least four airbags. 

– Less technology onboard
Infotainment systems in less expensive cars used to consist of merely a radio head unit, but increasingly we’re seeing more capable ones with features like colour touchscreens and smartphone connectivity. If you use your phone to navigate, the latter are especially useful. 

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