The Best Executive Sedans in Singapore

Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class – and a surprise from Lexus. rates the leading contenders in the fiercely-contested executive luxury sedan segment in Singapore

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First published November 5 2020
June 29 2021 : Updated pricing and model availability, new Lexus IS upgraded from ‘Also Consider’ to a ‘full’ Best Of choice

SINGAPORE- Welcome back to another instalment of Best Of, here we rate executive sedans, a segment that has always been immensely popular in Singapore, especially among the CBD crowd.

An executive sedan, aka a luxury midsized sedan, slots in below the large luxury sedan, but above small luxury cars. To use Audi as an example: The A3 Sedan is its small four-door, while the A4 is its executive sedan, and the A6 is the big lux sedan.

For many, an exec sedan marks the first step on the automotive ladder of success, with the expected progression towards larger executive cars, though in the past decade the rise of the less expensive small executive sedan has nibbled at the pie somewhat – for example, the Mercedes-Benz A 180 Saloon.

BMW 330i Luxury

This segment has long been defined by the BMW 3 Series, the car which made BMW what it is, and amped up the segment by proving that sedans could be sporty and youthful.

But there are no shortage of contenders jostling to dethrone the mighty Bimmer, not just from fellow Germans Mercedes-Benz and Audi, but also from other non-German competitors such as Lexus and Infiniti.

Large sedans from European non-luxe brands, like VW’s Passat and Skoda’s Superb, also offer very competitive features, often with more space.

Brand prestige is naturally a priority in this class, but customers shopping in this segment also demand a minimum standard of luxury and performance. Savvier buyers these days also look for the latest in technology and connectivity, which the newer versions of these cars offer in spades.

The entry point for a luxury executive sedan in Singapore starts from about S$190,000 or so, including COE. But these models typically come with a wide range of variants and drivetrains to suit all sorts of budgets.

As usual, aims to make your car buying decision easier, and we’ve listed down the four leading contenders in the luxury executive sedan segment here in Singapore in 2021.

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