The Best Luxury Small Sedans in Singapore

Getting a taste of luxury motoring need not mean having to drive a big, expensive limousine. looks at the best luxury small sedans you can buy here in Singapore

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Welcome back to another instalment of Best Of, a regularly updated guide series where we pick the best cars in each segment to buy here in Singapore.

Next up, we’re looking at luxury small sedans, a relatively new segment that has only emerged recently, but one that is set to grow in popularity in the coming years.

The entire segment kicked off with the debut of the first-gen Mercedes-Benz CLA in 2014 – it was an immediate hit around the world, and also in sedan-loving Singapore. With it, luxury makers realised there was untapped demand for luxury four-doors with price tags and dimensions smaller than executive sedans like the BMW 3 Series

Small luxury sedans attract the younger and more affluent set, as they serve as an entry point for premium brand motoring, but without having the associated high costs of a full-size luxury sedan.

The starting price points for a luxury small sedan generally starts from S$130,000 with COE, which could obviously buy you a larger car like a Toyota Harrier, mid-sized SUV (read the link to see Singapore’s Best Mid-Sized SUVs).

For singles or young couples who don’t need such a big car, a luxury small sedan might come across as a better fit for their lifestyles and image. 

Other core features of luxury small sedans that appeal to the younger buyers are small turbocharged engines that offer the good balance of performance and fuel efficiency. Their compact dimensions also mean they’re easier to drive around town as compared to their larger-sized brand siblings. And being luxury cars, they also have a high degree of connected-ness and technology onboard.

This  segment is dominated by the big three German luxury brands, namely BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, and there currently isn’t much choice outside of those brands, so the top three is quite clear in this case.

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