The Best Luxury Small Sedans in Singapore

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

Our pick: BMW 218i Gran Coupe Luxury from $155,888 with COE (June 2020)
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BMW is somewhat of a late entrant to this market, with its 2 Series Gran Coupe (we’ll call it 2 GC from here onwards) only debuting in early 2020. Nevertheless, BMW has burst out straight from the blocks and delivered a hugely impressive product that is well-matched against its rivals.

The biggest appeal of the 2 GC is the fact that it is the least expensive four-door BMW you can currently buy in Singapore, with prices starting from $155,888 inclusive of COE for the 218i Luxury trim level. There is a cheaper BMW, in the form of the 1 Series, but that’s a hatchback and thus less popular here.

The price tag alone should help it attract a significant amount of sales from folks who want a practical BMW that’s reasonably affordable. But while it may be competitively-priced, the 2 GC is not a cut price product. It offers an entertaining drive, top-notch German quality, and a surprisingly impressive list of features that are usually seen in far more expensive models.

Among its party tricks include BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) system, which lets you execute all sorts of things simply by talking to the car. Simply say “Hey BMW, turn down the air con/navigate home/call my mother” and it’ll dutifully obey your command.

The 2 GC also scores well on the safety front, with a number of active safety systems available as standard, including autonomous front collision warning/braking, lane departure warning and keeping, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and speed warnings.

Both the 218i Luxury and M Sport models are powered by a 1.5-litre turbo three-cylinder that produces 140hp and 220Nm of torque. It’s a nippy little unit that’s just nice for city driving, although if you want more grunt there’s a far more powerful (and expensive) M235i Gran Coupe available too, offering 306hp and all-wheel-drive capability.

For our money, it’s the Luxury model that offers the best price-to-performance. Forking out S$3,000 more nets you the M Sport version, which adds a body kit, bigger wheels and sports suspension, so that’s a tempting proposition, but the Luxury has a better ride quality and refinement.

Being a small luxury sedan, the 2 GC is not particularly spacious inside, but that’s a trait shared with its rivals anyway. Four average-sized adults can fit snugly, but any more and it’ll be a squeeze. It does have a fairly large boot though, with 430-litres of cargo capacity on offer.

They all add up to make the 2 GC a very attractive value proposition for those looking for a small luxury sedan in Singapore, and it goes to prove that opting for a more affordable BMW need not mean settling for a lesser product.

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