The Best Mainstream Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Singapore

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MG ZS Electric

Our pick: MG ZS from S$125,888 with COE (Aug 2021)
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The cheapest EVs you can buy in Singapore hail from China. Specialist Chinese EV brand BYD has two models on sale here, each retailing for under S$120,000 with COE. But while they are competent as basic transportation, they do fall a bit short in terms of overall quality and driving experience.

If you want something that’s a significant upgrade but still affordable, then your next best bet is the MG ZS. Like the BYDs, the MG is also Chinese-made, but the similarities end there, for the MG is a hugely impressive offering that proves to be excellent value.

For S$125,888 with COE, you get a well-built SUV that’s spacious, safe and decent to drive. It’s no sports car (despite its illustrious badge), but it serves its purpose as a family SUV well, while at the same time demonstrating that the Chinese are truly capable of delivering a product that can compete with the best.

The drivetrain of the ZS consists of an electric motor that produces 141hp and 353Nm of torque, powered by a 44.5kWH battery, and MG says that it is good for a range of 335km fully charged. While it doesn’t quite match the Koreans’ long range capabilities, the MG should be more than enough for the average Singaporean driver, and can also accept fast charging too.

You’ve got to bear in mind the MG’s price tag though, and for what you’re paying, you’re getting a car that’s fairly decently equipped. There’s plenty of convenience features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and lots of USB ports everywhere, while six airbag ensure that you and your family are kept safe.

What the MG ZS offers though is an opportunity to completely redefine the Singaporean car buyer’s thinking. The MG brand proves that Chinese cars need not be badly built or poorly equipped, and the ZS in particular demonstrates that electric motoring need not be expensive or out of reach for the mainstream buyer.


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