The Best Mainstream Sedans in Singapore [Updated]

2021 Kia Cerato GT Line

Corolla, Cerato, Civic, 3 and more – there are hard choices in Singapore’s most competitive car segment, but luckily you don’t need a strong will, you just need to read’s Best Of Mainstream Sedans.

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What makes these cars ‘the best’? :
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[Originally published May 1 2020]
[Updated June 15 2020 – Included the Skoda Octavia 1.4 as one of the Best Of cars]
[Update June 30 2020 – Subaru’s response to our inclusion of the Impreza as ‘Not Recommended’]
[Updated September 24 2021 – updated Kia Cerato and Skoda Octavia, removed Subaru Impreza]

Welcome to a Best Of, a guide series that will be updated regularly, and where we help you pick the best cars in each segment here in Singapore.

What are mainstream sedans? Also known as family sedans, or small-midsized sedans, stand next to any road in Singapore and chances are you’ll see one within a minute – cars like the Toyota Corolla Altis and Honda Civic.

In the age of the SUV this segment is still going strong, when in contrast sales of compact sedans (like the Toyota Vios) a size down, and big sedans (like the Honda Accord) a size up have diminished because the increasing overall cost of cars, this segment has continued to hit the sweet spot for price, features, and space.

That doesn’t make choosing one easier. It’s always been one of the most competitive segments in the Singapore car market, and it’s even more so now with no less than eight models fighting for a piece of the pie.

But makes it easy for you, since we have ranked the top contenders (alphabetically, not in order of merit) from the segment currently on sale in 2021, and another one to also consider.

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