The first Tesla Superchargers in Singapore are up — for Tesla drivers only

Tesla Supercharger Singapore

Speedy V3 Superchargers offer up to 250kW fast charging that can top up a Model 3 in 15 minutes…

SINGAPORE — Tesla has pulled the wraps off three Superchargers at Orchard Central, its first in Singapore. The speedy chargers are on the ninth floor of the mall’s car park, and offer fast DC charging at up to 250kW.

That’s apparently good for 1,000 miles (or 1,600km) of range in an hour.

In ideal conditions the V3 Superchargers could cut a Model 3’s typical charging time to 15 minutes, but otherwise we figure half an hour should be enough for a good 80 percent juice-up.

The Tesla Superchargers at Orchard are only for Tesla vehicles, with more such chargers on the way.

Tesla Model 3 Supercharger Singapore

Here’s betting that malls will feature heavily in the Supercharger network here. Tesla and other electric vehicle drivers may not miss going to petrol stations, but they probably don’t miss shopping.

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