The Kia Sorento gets a facelift

kia sorento gt line price singapore review

A revamped version of Kia’s seven-seat crossover is here, with prices starting at $162,999

SINGAPORE — It’s still big, it sill seats seven, but it has a new face. The Kia Sorento has been given a facelift, some styling updates and a couple of new features.

kia sorento facelift price singapore reviewNo, there isn’t a cabriolet version…

Here are five key things about the new Kia Sorento, which officially goes on sale in Singapore tomorrow:

It comes in two versions… both of which are diesel
There are two Sorentos on Kia’s local pricelist, both powered by a 200hp, 441Nm 2.2-litre turbodiesel. It costs $162,999 (with Certificate Of Entitlement) for the SX 2.2L, while the more upmarket Sorento GT Line 2.2L costs $177,999.

The GT Line has sportier styling
Apart from bigger wheels (19 inches, versus 18 for the SX model), the GT Line has red brake calipers, more pronounced sill steps and GT Line badges on the body. The easiest way to spot one is probably to look for the four-bulb LED foglamps.

new kia sorento gt singapore

Inside, the GT Line version has quilted leather upholstery with grey contrast stitching and embroidered GT Line emblems. Look out for satin chrome trim, too.

The external facelift is a bolt-on job
The exterior redesign consists of new bumpers front and rear, new LED lamps at both ends, and a revised front grille with a dark metallic finish.

new kia sorento price singapore review

Two new colours are available (Rich Espresso and Gravity Blue) and there are redesigned alloys (sized 18 and 19 inches for the SX and GT Line respectively)

It’s posher inside
Kia says that softer materials have been used in the cabin, to make it feel more expensive. There’s also a new steering wheel design and a new instrument cluster.

2018 kia sorento price singapore review

As per the Kia norm, the equipment list is generous: park assist (for both parallel and perpendicular parking) and Apple CarPlay connectivity for the 7.0-inch touchscreen entertainment system are standard.

While we’re at it, it still has worthwhile stuff such as six airbags, keyless entry and engine starting, a powered tailgate, and power-adjustable, ventilated front seats.

It has a new, 8-speed transmission
The auto has been upgraded from six to eight speeds, and is an in-house Hyundai-Kia design. Kia claims the gearbox has 143 newly-patented technologies, and that it shifts more quickly than the old six-speeder. It improves acceleration and lowers the fuel consumption, with a drop in emissions as a result. The SX model is front-wheel drive, while the GT Line has all four wheels driven.

kia sorento singapore price

Want a brochure for the new Kia Sorento? Click here!

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facelift kia sorento price singapore review

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