This is BMW’s near-production electric scooter

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is a ‘production ready’ look at the brand’s next electric two-wheeler

Munich, Germany 

BMW Motorrad has unveiled a closer look at the next electric scooter it’s going to produce for real.

The BMW Definition CE 04 is a close-to-production urban runaround with zero-emissions, and an evolution of the BMW Concept Link scooter first revealed in 2017.

2017 BMW Concept Link

The brand has not revealed any concrete figures and performance numbers, but it should at the very least match BMW’s first production electric scooter, the 2016 BMW C Evolution, which had 48hp, a 129km/h top speed, plus a 12.7kWh battery that could eke out 159km of range. 

It looks like BMW isn’t putting a huge battery in the bike, as it says scooters are focused on urban riders.

Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design BMW Motorrad said the brand’s focus group found that such riders’ journeys are of ‘around 12km per day’, and the CE 04 has been designed as such, and not as a ‘fun bike’ for B-roads and the country.

2016 BMW C Evolution electric scooter : Almost came to Singapore

The bike has been designed with an ‘emphasis on urban life’ with a long, low body shape. BMW says a flat battery in the floor of the bike means both more stability and more space, while the stretched out bench seat means more space for the rider, and underneath there is also storage space for practicality.

BMW says this space can be open from the side, and fits a helmet. 

The front suspension appears to be a conventional fork/shock design though it’s shrouded by body panels to give a more futuristic appearance.

The rear is more interesting with a single-sided swingarm that looks similar to those on existing scooters like the C 600 GT, with a horizontal-shock absorber. 

While the Concept Link had an ambitious HUD that was projected on the windscreen, the Definition has a conventional 10.25-inch TFT display, the same as currently seen throughout the BMW Motorrad range. All things considered that’s not a step back, since BMW’s rider infotainment is one of the easiest to use, and most well-connected in the business.

What’s the deal with this? BMW’s making big waves about its future plans, and it will announce its most advanced BEV to date, the BMW iNEXT, later today.

2018 BMW iNEXT Concept

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