This is the new third-gen 2021 Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V e:HEV 2021

Honda’s very popular small SUV will have new e:HEV hybrid system and a 1.5-litre petrol, due in Singapore in second half of 2021

Honda has revealed full photos of the new HR-V small SUV for the first time. The popular crossover will be launched in an all-new, third-generation model and the photos here show its full-production form.

International deliveries are expected start in ‘late 2021’, which means Singapore is very likely to see the car arrive some time in the second half of the year, likely the fourth quarter. No pricing information is available yet.

The car’s overall concept – and hence its proportions – as a small coupe-influenced crossover hasn’t changed, so the silhouette is similar to the current model with a sloped roofline at both the A and C-pillars.

Honda HR-V e:HEV 2021

However the front end sees a big departure from established Honda designs: An integrated grille that blends into the rest of the front end. Honda says the sides are also more vertical, to maximise interior space, and around the back is – to nobody’s suprise – a horizontal light bar that’s very much in-trend.

Honda has not revealed any concrete details of the car, such as dimensions, performance, and the like, but we do know the most important thing about it: The HR-V will be launched in Singapore with Honda’s new e:HEV hybrid system that has already debuted on the new Jazz compact hatchback.

In the Jazz, that system has a system total power output of 125hp from its 1.5-litre engine and electric motor, and does 3.8L/100km. We can expect the HR-V to have very similar performance, and slightly less efficiency since it’s larger and heavier than the Jazz.

Ju-Len walks you through the new Jazz e:HEV hybrid

There will also be a 1.5-litre gasoline version, presumably with the same 1.5 offered in the petrol-only Jazz – the latter has 121hp and delivers 5.7L/100km.

Honda HR-V e:HEV 2021

The interior sees an identical steering wheel, gearshifter, and 9.0-inch Display Audio touchscreen as the Jazz (see the video for more details) but the HR-V has more elevation in its cockpit, with the aircon vents, screen, and climate control all appearing more raised than on the Jazz, while the A-pillars look thin and to overcome the usual coupe-styling bad visibility.

Honda HR-V e:HEV 2021

Honda says that a new air diffusion system will help to ‘create a curtain of fresh air above and beside passengers’ thanks to the L-shaped vents near each A-pillar.

Honda HR-V e:HEV 2021

The rear seats are still the Magic Seats that can be folded flat or flipped up to carry taller items, and Honda is claiming class-leading interior space for four adults.

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