This is what a $4,226 F1 ticket gives you

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Climb inside the Green Room with us, and see the suite side of F1. Will it turn you green with envy?

SINGAPORE — There are two kinds of people in the world – those who get car racing, and those who don’t. If I’d gotten a dollar for every time I heard from people over the past two weeks say, “What’s so interesting about seeing cars drive past you once every two minutes?” I reckon I’d have enough saved up for a nice Sunday brunch.

But this year we enjoyed a different trackside experience altogether, courtesy of Porsche Asia Pacific. CarBuyer was invited to watch Formula One qualifying and the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia races from the Green Room, a suite situated at Turn One, where, funnily enough, first-corner pile-ups tend to occur, for some reason.

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There’s nothing wrong with watching a race from the comfort of home, aircon on and beer in hand, but attending a race event live is another experience altogether, from the unbelievable speed at which the cars flash past, to the roar of the engines ringing in your ears and vibrating in your chest, as well as the palpable excitement and enthusiasm of the crowds around you.

The only problem (in this part of the world at least) is the heat and humidity. Spectators might not have to endure the same extremes as the race drivers (who can lose up to 4kg from sweat over 61 laps), but sweating it out under the lights is still an unfortunate certainty of the Singapore Grand Prix.

So, what are your options if you still want to experience the visceral intensity of watching the race live, but still want to do so in comfort? Well, the Singapore Grand Prix offers a number of hospitality and executive packages which offer a killer view of the track, as well as free flow of food and drinks.

They’re not cheap, mind you – where the cheapest 3-day Grandstand pass costs $258, hospitality packages start at just over $2000 for access to the Turn 3 Lounge, rising up to more than $9000 for the Paddock Club, situated directly over the teams’ pit garages on the main straight.

But the Green Room, we found, strikes a suite spot (see what we did there?) between outrageous cost and decadent comfort, and we’re happy to share the experience with you. This is what $4226 worth of Grand Prix ticket gets you.

For starters, here’s your all-important ticket, with holographic backing to keep low-life counterfeiters out, naturally. What good is a posh ticket if it doesn’t look posh, anyway?

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No need to jostle with the queues for a $20 burger that will likely fall apart in your hands, wither. Each hospitality package features a free flow gourmet buffet…


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… as well as a free flow of wines and beers (and non-boozy stuff, of course). Good luck trying to slurp down four grand worth over three days, though!

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You can choose to take in the sights, smells and sounds of the race from the adjoining balcony…

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… or chill out in the air-conditioned comfort of the suite.

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Big-screen TVs ensure you still get to witness the action, of course.

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But nothing beats see the action unfold directly in front of you.

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A Grand Prix weekend isn’t only about the action that happens on the track, of course.

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If you’re a Porsche customer and a part of the Porsche Club Singapore, you also get subsidised entry to the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia after-party, which is where the fun really begins… and the eating continues…

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In addition to an even wider smorgasbord of food and drinks, there’s a DJ on hand to provide the tunes.

img 1930

And a stunning night time view of the city skyline…

img 1912

The biggest draw of the PCCA after-party though, is that the drivers themselves will be there too.

Yuey Tan (left) and Andrew Tang are flying the Singapore flag high in PCCA this year. Check out how they fared here.

img 1919

Even retired drivers sometimes make an appearance…

img 1948

True-blue fans of racing might object and say that being out in the grandstands is where the real F1 enthusiasts are, and there might be a point to that. Nothing shows devotion to some more than suffering for it, after all. But what real fan passes up the chance to party with the likes of Mark Webber (above)? That’s usually an experience money can’t buy, but with the Green Room and after-party passes that Porsche gave us, anything seemed possible.

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