Toyota, Suzuki and Lexus owners can now have ‘super-sanitiser’ in their cars

Inchcape now offers SUTL SdPro anti-microbial coating for car interiors that lasts as long as six months 

Images : Inchcape Singapore, SUTL

Inchcape Singapore, which distributes Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki cars here, has announced an exclusive one-year distributorship for SUTL EnvironTech’s Sdpro anti-microbial coating.

Inchcape says customers can request the application of Sdpro at its Pandan,
Leng Kee and Ubi service centres, from $138 for a sedan or hatchback, to $158 for an MPV or SUV.

According to SUTL, the coating is claimed to last as long as 180 days since it ‘molecularly bonds to the treated surfaces’ and is not washed away by regular cleaning.

The formula is ammonium chloride based – as we know, there are several anti-microbial agents that kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Besides the very familiar alcohol, there’s also a wide range of substances that kill bugs, ranging from chlorides (bleach etc) to peroxides and more.

As a quarternary ammonium compound (QAC), Sdpro isn’t bleach, and is from a family that’s widely used in healthcare. For the exact science behind it, read the CDC link here. QACs are also on the list of substances that kill the coronavirus, as detailed by the USA EPA’s list.

SUTL also says the substance is safe to use around children and pets, although you shouldn’t bathe in it (i.e. use it as a conventional alcohol sanitiser on your person). More info can be found at the company’s FAQ.

SUTL also offers sanitisers for home use – its SDX disinfectant is claimed to eliminate COVID-19 in under a minute. If you want a handheld version to use on your stuff at home (wallets, phones etc) SUTL has a version called Sdst it sells at its webshop.

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