Add some major Oomph to your Volkswagen Golf GTI with Oettinger

Volkswagen Singapore is bringing in a small number of limited-edition VW Golf GTI body kits from famed German tuning outfit Oettinger


GTI: Three simple letters, but ones which are powerful enough to transform an everyday hatchback into a modern day automotive icon.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is more than just a hot hatchback. It is a true cult classic, a car with a fanbase so dedicated that GTI aficionados from all around the world gather every year at Wörthersee, Austria for a giant festival to celebrate all things in and around those iconic three letters.

It’s easy to see why the Golf GTI holds so much appeal among enthusiasts and keen drivers everywhere, with its accessible performance mixed with all-round practical usability. Not to mention its classic looks which have stood the test of time through seven generations.

But if you’re looking to spice up its styling even further, Volkswagen Singapore has brought in a new GTI Oettinger body kit to give your Golf GTI an even sportier look.

Who is Oettinger?

Oettinger’s own words more than suffice here: Oettinger is the longest-established Volkswagen tuning company in the world, enhancing performance and styling since 1946. It was established by engineer Gerhard Oettinger, who wanted to take his original VW Beetle rallying – but found it didn’t go as quick as he liked, so he took matters into his own hands.

Oettinger GmbH founder Gerhard Oettinger

Since then, the outfit expanded to improving all aspects of Volkswagen cars, and it’s not a one-sided relationship either, since Oettinger and Volkswagen have had a long history of collaboration In fact, it was Oettinger who helped develop the 16-valve engine that went into the first-ever Golf GTI in 1974.

Oettinger was there at the birth of a legend – the 1974 VW Golf GTI Mark 1

That started a relationship that has endured until today, and Oettinger now produces performance and aerodynamic kits for every possible Volkswagen model you can imagine. 

The fundamental appeal of Oettinger for enthusiasts is that every component has been designed with them in mind. While aesthetics are a big part of the draw, each Oettinger part also serves a functional purpose, to enhance performance and optimise driving enjoyment.

All Oettinger parts are made specifically for each particular Volkswagen model, and are extensively tested under extreme conditions in the wind tunnel to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Oettinger Limited Edition Body Kit

The GTI Oettinger body kit from Volkswagen Singapore is designed for the current seventh-generation Golf GTI model, and consists of a front spoiler and splitter, side sills, and a rear roof spoiler.

All of the parts are custom designed to fit the Golf GTI specifically, and crafted to an extremely high quality. The front spoiler and splitter adds a touch of dynamic aggression to the Golf GTI’s front end design, and gives the car a menacing stance with its distinctive face, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

Watch more: See what the Oettinger kit looks like in motion below!


The rear roof spoiler, meanwhile, not only gives the car a striking appearance, but also creates a positive effect on the car’s driving performance with its enhanced aerodynamic properties. Finally, the side sills complement the overall look by accentuating the car’s lines with its attractive design.

Volkswagen Singapore is bringing in only a limited number of GTI Oettinger kits for Singapore. For more information, please visit this link to register your interest.

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