Volkswagen Golf gets the R-Line treatment

The Golf 1.4 is now just $110k in Singapore, and comes with a complete R-Line body kit


Volkswagen Singapore has announced that the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Comfort Line is getting a visual upgrade in the form of a complete R-Line body kit. The good news is that it’s no more expensive than before, at $109,900 with COE. 

The Golf 1.4 Comfort Line, abbreviated to CL in Volkswagen Singapore’s official literature, is the starting point of the VW Golf lineup. A 1.4-litre turbocharged engine delivers 125 horsepower to the front wheels through a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission.

It’s not designed as a quick car, as there’s the sporty Golf GTI and Golf R for that, but it is reasonably zippy and very economical on fuel. 

Drivers who have been on the fence about buying one now have another big excuse to commit as the VW Golf 1.4 CL looks sportier than ever with the addition of the official Volkswagen R-Line body kit.  

Volkswagen Singapore states that the Volkswagen R-Line badge represents the sportiest trim for select Volkswagen models that have the option available to them. The most obvious difference from the regular VW Golf’s body work is visible from the front, where the deeper front bumper, with air intake screens in high-gloss black and unique honeycomb structure give the car a more angular appearance. A chrome R-Line badge sits to the right of the VW emblem to complete the look.

The sides of the car get a moderate bit of extension with the addition of gloss-black side sills, while the dedicated R-Line rear bumper comes with an integrated diffuser and twin trapezoidal chrome trims that mimic exhaust tip finishers as each side of the car. 

A pair of subtle R-Line badges also adorn the front fenders, just behind the wheels. 

Now into its eighth generation, the Volkswagen Golf story began in 1974, when it was first introduced as a replacement for the long-serving Volkswagen Beetle. Over the years it has gained plenty of fans, and a couple of seriously powerful variants like the V6-engined Golf R32 and Golf R, plus the evergreen Golf GTI, but at heart it was always designed as an easy-to-drive, versatile hatchback. 

Since 2012, with the introduction of the seventh-generation car, the Golf has been built on the Volkswagen Group’s highly versatile MQB Platform. The same platform also underpins many other cars of similar size across the VW Group, including the Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia.

The VW Golf 1.4 CL represents a tried-and-tested formula for drivers that want a fuel efficient car for the family with true German engineering and with a sportier edge to its styling than the base model version. Its upmarket compatriot, the Audi A3, costs $134,250 with COE and has a smaller 1.0-litre turbo engine, while its cousin in the Skoda lineup, the Octavia, is only available as a sedan and does not have the benefit of the R-Line treatment.

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