Volkswagen Singapore is returning post-circuit breaker with an all-new look

A new brand identity and fresh digital initiatives are here to stay for VW Singapore


As we all take tentative steps towards reopening the country’s economy in June, Volkswagen Singapore is taking the opportunity to announce that its renovated showroom will be opened as soon as it is safe to do so, and a brand-new, customer-led, digital approach will be its way forward.  

Volkswagen has declared that it is headed in a new direction worldwide, and the brand’s vision is to make customers’ everyday lives easier and more enjoyable. The new website and social media channels for Singapore reflect this new approach, with a greater focus on customer experience and user-friendly interfaces, rather than technical geekery and an overuse of confusing car terminology.

For the average customer, this should translate to mean more timely, informative content, convenience and seamless transactions. With the roadmap of digital initiatives including a virtual ‘showroom’, live chat and video streaming already in the pipeline, customers can also expect interactive and personalised experiences with the Volkswagen brand anywhere and on any device.   

Over the last month, there has been plenty of talk in the automotive industry about new ways of engaging customers in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Volkswagen Singapore is clearly building a new digital infrastructure for exactly this purpose.

Besides being able to request for a virtual tour of a car with an online sales representative, customers will also be able book a test drive of their choice to be delivered to their preferred location in Singapore. Known as the #VWToGo Test Drive, it can be scheduled entirely online.

VW Singapore has also mentioned  that it is set to aggressively expand its presence in the eCommerce marketplace. Expect a greater brand presence on websites like Lazada, Carousell and Shopify in the near future, and shoppers should be able to browse the full range of Volkswagen cars and chat with sales representatives via the website virtual store.

Managing Director of the VW Group Singapore, Ricky Tay, elaborated, “We have been gearing up for the rollout of our new digital initiatives including the possibility of booking a remote test drive or buying a new Volkswagen entirely online – these can now be done without having to physically travel to the showroom. Volkswagen has been in the process of a digital transformation and now is the perfect opportunity to make that offline to online transition as we tap on the digital ecosystem to stay even more connected with our customers.”

Volkswagen’s new logo: two-dimensional , high contrast, with simpler lines for a digital world

Eagle-eyed spotters may also realise that the Volkswagen logo has also been given a makeover. The design change was in the pipeline before the Covid-19 pandemic, where it was first revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Volkswagen AG states that the new logo is doing away with the three-dimensional approach of past emblems to be more applicable to the digital age. The easiest way to spot the updated logo is to look at the bottom of the “W”. It now hovers above the edge of the circle.

The brand claims that the new, two-dimensional design will ensure that the logo is displayed in the optimum way in all media, from large billboards to small icons on a smart watch, tablet or mobile phone.

We’ve observed how local car dealerships in Singapore have been rolling out online sales promotions to keep things interesting over the past two months. Now as the country prepares to transit into another phase in our management of the Covid-19 situation, we have to deal with the fact that the virus will still be a treat for sometime yet. Is online shopping for cars going to become a ‘new normal’?

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