These are the things that make the Kia Cerato the perfect family car

For most car buyers in Singapore, a family car needs only to serve as basic transport. The Kia Cerato though, is far from basic.


What is the most basic function that a car needs to fulfill, if not to get people from Point A to B safely?

Practically any car on sale today can easily do that adequately, but if that’s all it can do, without flair or pizzazz, then there’s little difference between it and an appliance.

Attributes such as comfort, convenience and capaciousness, especially if they don’t add too much to cost, all elevate a car above mere competency, helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. And the Kia Cerato is one car that has those in spades.

As a humble mid-sized sedan, the Kia Cerato has all the ingredients that make for an ideal family car. But those aren’t words from the keyboard of a writer or the pages of a brochure; that’s the verdict from the Ng family – Charles, Cynthia, Cedric and Clara – whom we enlisted to help evaluate the Kia Cerato’s real-world family-friendliness.

Though Cedric, 3, and Clara, 1, might not take up much space themselves, parents will know that getting small kids in a car has quite a different set of requirements altogether. 

To that end, the Kia Cerato’s wheelbase of 2.7-metres not only provides plenty of space for adults to stretch out, but, combined with the standard-fit Isofix mounting points, also takes the squeeze out of reaching in to secure the little ones. “The large door opening means it’s easy to crawl in to install the car seat and belt the kids up, and there’s even enough room to fit a large bag on the floor behind the front seats,” said Cynthia. “The rear aircon is definitely a plus also.”

A full complement of six airbags, stability control, and five-star Australasian NCAP safety rating are further reassurances that your family are well-protected.

It’s not just the space in the cabin that impresses in the Kia Cerato, but the boot too. Not only does the wide boot aperture make it easier to load bulky items like prams, suitcases or bicycles, but the luggage capacity of 502-litres – one of the best in class – impressed Charles as well. “There’s plenty of space for strollers and associated baggage for the kids as well, and even when they grow up, it can still cater for a myriad of changing hobbies and interests.”

In addition to that, the Kia Cerato one-ups the competition with a convenience-adding feature that none of them have: the Smart Trunk System, something that both Charles and Cynthia appreciated. 

If you get back to your car with your hands full and the key in your pocket, just stand behind the Cerato and the boot automatically unlatches, allowing you to open it wide with just a nudge of the hand or elbow.

“It’s especially useful for parents who often have their hands full with young kids – when they are pulling in all manner of directions, the last thing we need is to be fumbling with keys,” said Charles. “It’s one less step involved, so I can quickly dump my things in the boot without putting them down,” Cynthia added.

Finally, although big space is easy to achieve in a car, what truly makes the Kia Cerato stand head and shoulders above the class are its array of features that you’d normally find only on luxury cars.

“Wireless charging is something we don’t see very often, and when it caters to both Android and Apple phones, it makes life simpler as there’s no need to fumble with wires,” said Charles. “It’s a nice touch that shows some thought has gone towards the end user.”

Without a doubt though, the feature that tends to impress most people who encounter the Kia Cerato are the ventilated front seats. “They might not seem important or eye-catching at first, but after having spent some time in the car, you really quickly come to love them. They just make it so much easier and comfortable to drive away even after having parked the entire afternoon in the hot sun,” said Charles. With a sharp glare, Cynthia added, “as long as nobody plays a prank and turns your seat heater all the way up!”

All that said and done though, by far the best thing about the Kia Cerato is how it helps you make the most of your money. Not only does its asking price of less than S$100k (with COE) get you so much more in terms of features compared to rivals, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that Kia’s fifth consecutive year as JD Power’s top mass market brand by new-vehicle quality is also backed by a five-year warranty and ten-year industry-leading engine warranty.

When it comes to machines, the best ones are those that can offer more than just their primary function, and integrate themselves into your life to make it easier. The Kia Cerato is certainly one car that is built around you. To find out more and book a test drive, visit

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