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How Yokohama’s new Advan Fleva V701 tyre meets the needs of sporty, demanding drivers 

Mandy Lee, 38, is the proud owner of a Honda CR-Z Mugen 2010, a car that he has owned for three years. But his love for his CR-Z doesn’t quite end at simply owning the car.  

For someone as car passionate as Lee, when it comes to sifting out the most suitable parts for his car, he takes the utmost patience and care in the search. With Yokohama tyres, he can afford to be a little more relaxed; having previously owned the Yokohama Advan Sport V103, V105 and BluEarth tyres, Lee has always had positive feedback on Yokohama tyres, which are distributed by YHI Corporation (S) Pte Ltd. 

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Mandy Lee and his pride and joy: A 2010 Honda CR-Z Mugen 

Lee recently tested Yokohama’s latest sports rubber  – Yokohama Advan Fleva V701, which were recently launched in Singapore, and it’s clear they exceeded his expectations.

As the latest addition to Yokohama’s flagship Advan range, the V701 sport tyres offer slightly more comfort and less noise than the existing Advan Sport V105.

It’s a good chance to reiterate just what’s expected of a sport tyre here: Great handling, good balance, performs well in all-weather conditions and the ability to cope with an annual track day or two.

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“To me, not only do I like to own all-rounded performance tyres, but they have to provide me with great handling without compromising on safety,” Lee explains. He describes his driving style as a ‘dislike of slowing down’, but he’s no reckless speed-freak either. You could say he enjoys continuing momentum.

“My driving style is simple, I don’t speed – but I hate having to use the brakes,” he says.

Over the last six months, Lee not only has had the chance to take the latest edition of Yokohama’s Advan tyres through his daily commute in dry conditions but also in our random heavy downpours, and they’ve come through strong, delivering great performance in all conditions.

“On a dry day, the V701 tyres are more than decent. Though not as tight as the Advan Sport tyres, the grip on the V701s feels confident even at a high speed, and handling feels committed and steady throughout,” Lee says.

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Yokohama’s Advan Fleva V701 showing off its lightning main grooves and claw grooves on the side which help improve stiffness, feedback and wet weather performance

“As a driver, I need to know that my tyres have got my back when I hit a puddle of water. The V701s come with a new tread pattern with water channel grooves that provide a feeling of positive grip on highways and wet roads,” Lee says, with satisfaction.

This explains the handling and stability characteristics. The V701 sport tyres enhances water evacuation with its new ‘claw grooves’ that push aside water,  reducing the chances of aquaplaning and increasing wet grip.

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Mandy can strike a relaxed pose since he knows the Advan Fleva V701s have his back when conditions get tricky

Sport tyres, however, tend to be more harsh than others especially while cruising at high speeds. When asked about the noise level when he’s connected to the road, Lee mentions how surprised he was to find that the V701 tyres are relatively quiet and even provide more comfort than others he has owned previously.

“Compared to many others I’ve tried, Yokohama tyres never fail to stand out – and with good reason, since they deliver the best performance in the market – I’m definitely convinced,” Lee concludes with a smile.

This special feature is brought to you by YHI Corporation (S) Pte Ltd.

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