2020 Nissan Kicks E-Power Review: Ass Kicks-er


As hybrids become more commonplace, the adoption of the tech into mainstream segments will increase and it’s interesting to see that Nissan has beat Honda and Toyota to the punch, in an official capacity at least.

Now that the price is closer to S$110k with COE, it’s a little less impactful than when it was first announced at sub-S$100k, but we think it still offers a unique package with plenty of pluses, one which is combining the EV-experience with petrol flexibility.

Who knows – after owning an E-Power your next car could be a full EV. Now that would be a kick.

Check out what the Kicks looks, feels, and sounds like in our video review!

Nissan Kicks E-Power Premium Plus

Electric Motor129hp/260Nm
BatteryLithium Ion, 1.57kWh
Engine 1,198cc inline 3
GearboxSingle-speed reduction gear
System Power129hp (electric motor only)
System Torque260Nm (electric motor only)
0-100km/h9.7 seconds
Top Speed145km/h
Fuel Efficiency4.6 L/100km
VES Band / CO2A2 / 107g/km
AgentTan Chong Motor Sales
PriceS$108,888 with COE
VerdictOne of Nissan’s most on-point cars in years and convincingly competitive

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