Borneo and Inchcape announce official pre-owned car retail

Inchcape Certified Pre-Owned and Toyota and Lexus Certified Pre-Owned claim to bring brand-name reliability for a better experience to pre-owned car purchases in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Borneo Motors has officially announced its pre-owned/used car retail operations for Toyota and Lexus – Toyota Certified Pre-Owned and Lexus Certified Pre-Owned, for each car brand respectively.

Cars sold through the business will undergo comprehensive quality checks, says Borneo Motors, and come with a ‘one-year minimum’ warranty. The Pre-Owned showroom will be at Toyota’s current premises at 33 Leng Kee Road, on the second floor. Its online address is

Along with that, Borneo’s parent company, Inchcape, also announced its Inchcape Certified Pre-Owned Business, which will be a general pre-owned car business and not limited to any one brand. Inchcape is the official distributor of  Hino, Toyota and Lexus (through Borneo) and Suzuki (through Champion Motors). 

Inchcape Certified Pre-Owned is located at 7 Chang Charn Road (just behind Leng Kee Road) and online at

Toyota and Lexus quality – for quite a bit less? 

Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Greater China and Singapore (Borneo Motors and Inchcape Automotive services).
Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Greater China and Singapore (Borneo Motors and Inchcape Automotive services).

The draw here, says Borneo/Inchcape, is the company’s strong reputation for reliability, excellent service as proven through decades in the business, transposed onto the used/pre-owned car buying experience. 

“Staying true to Toyota’s ‘customer-first’ philosophy, we endeavor to leverage on our strong brand presence and leading digital capabilities. Forged in partnership with Toyota Global, our new Certified Pre-Owned business will offer Singapore drivers a trusted household brand to purchase certified pre-owned Toyota cars,” says Ms Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Greater China and Singapore (Borneo Motors and Inchcape Automotive services).

To back that up, each Toyota and Lexus Pre-Owned car will undergo a 145-point ‘vehicle certification’ (i.e. pre-owned vehicle check), with official replacement parts used where repairs/refurbishment is needed.

One-stop preowned shop

Borneo also says another advantage of its pre-owned car sales is that it can offer customers the convenience of an all-in-one experience, as ‘each purchase comes with the full range of services including competitive financial schemes, insurance coverage from all major insurance companies, leasing options, valuation, after-sales support and more.’

For those who wish to choose virtually before making a physical appearance, both Borneo and Inchcape Pre-Owned websites have full functionality, including a trade-in valuation tool, searchable listings of all cars on sale, loan calculator and more. 

Inchcape Certified Pre-Owned customers can expect to enjoy much of the same benefits as Toyota and Lexus, although the preowned car warranty is 12-months – compared to Toyota/Lexus’ at ‘at least 12 months’.

Inchcape has one extra feature, though: Used car auctions, in what it claims is the ‘first-ever auction for pre-owned cars’. Bidding requires a S$500 deposit and there is a minimum bid amount, but otherwise you get to pitch what you think is a fair price for a range of used cars. Check out the auction car listings here.

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