Hong Seh EV begins sales of Chinese electric vans from DFSK in Singapore

DFSK EC35 electric van Singapore

Dongfeng’s commercial vehicle joint venture brand DFSK  kicks off in Singapore beginning with EC35 electric van priced below S$70k

SINGAPORE –  Local commercial electric vehicle dealership Hong Seh Evolution (HSEV) has announced dealership status for its second all-electric commercial vehicle (CV) brand – DFSK.

DFSK, or Dong Feng Sokon is a Chinese automobile brand that produces both commercial and passenger vehicles. Its range of commercial vehicles has found outsized success in Mainland China.

The first model to be introduced here is the EC35 van, which is of a similar size to long-wheelbase versions of known light commercial vehicles/vans such as the Peugeot Partner and Renault Kangoo.

It’s priced at S$65,800 (RRP), not including the CVES rebate or COE. With the current Cat C (commercial vehicle) COE price at S$39,000, and a CVES rebate of S$30,000 (paid over three years), it would amount to S$74,800. 

DFSK EC35 electric van Singapore

The EC35 is around 4.7-metres long, with a 3.05-metre wheelbase, and can carry up to 4,800-litres (4.8 cubic metres) of cargo, making it slightly larger than the BYD T3 electric van also sold by HSEV. 

A 60kW (80hp) motor) means the van won’t be particularly quick, but it has 200Nm of torque with a generous amount of pulling power – considering the van itself weighs just over a tonne. CarBuyer had a short drive in the van, and came away impressed by its low-speed grunt. 

A 38.7kWh lithium battery provides a claimed range of 280km (NEDC), with 7kW AC charge time of approximately seven hours, and a DC fast charge time of half an hour.

DFSK EC35 electric van Singapore

The momentum for electric vans (light commercial vehicles) is picking up, with Hong Seh already selling 100 units of its BYD e-vans this year, thanks to the CVES subsidies from the government which lowers the price barriers to owning an electric van. 

Later, HSEV will also launch the larger EC31, which is larger than the EC35, As a small lorry with the usual customisations available, it could be Singapore’s first fully-electric lorry. 

Hong Seh also holds the dealership for Geely’s Geometry passenger EV brand, whose rollout of passenger EVs here has been delayed due to COVID-19. But it will not deal/distribute DFSK’s passenger EV brand Dongfeng Fengguang aka Dongfeng Glory at this time. 

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