2021 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid Review: The State of Current Affairs

2. Design and Appearance

There are design highlights all around the car, and as we know how these trends go, they’ll soon be sprouting up on every other mainstream car, not to mention along every street too, if the Tucson continues its current sales trajectory in Singapore.

The Tucson Hybrid gets a black chrome front intake grille with ‘hidden’ LED daytime running light assemblies blended into the sides of the grille. The regular projector beams are still housed at the sides of the front bumper, but all together does make for a very distinctive front end when the lights are turned on.

The sides get the same angular, creased and sculpted look of the Avante. From certain angles it almost looks like the car is painted with different colour tones because of the way light reflects off the different surfaces, and as with the Avante it does look very handsome.

The rear end also gets some very clever design touches alongside the full-width taillight bar pioneered by the Avante. The Hyundai emblem is situated within the rear window rather than on the body panel, and the rear window wiper is cleverly tucked away under the rear spoiler. 

1. Introduction
2. Design and Appearance
3. Interior and Features
4. Safety, Space and Practicality
5. Driving Experience
6. Competitors and Conclusion

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