2021 Lexus LS 500h review: Lounge Sport with hybrid efficiency

Lexus LS 500h driven on road

The plushest Lexus is more than just a business class travel on wheels, it’s got a sporty bite too


If you already own or are a big fan of Lexus, you’ll know that the brand does luxury at a price point that no other carmaker can match. While Mercedes-Benz boasts the tradition of a big name badge and BMW fans go on and on about their supposedly incredible driving dynamics, a Lexus is something else altogether. 

There’s really no such thing as a cheap luxury car but when you check out the craftsmanship and materials on an upper-tier Lexus, they usually look like they usually look like they come from a car costing more. 

Lexus LS500h start button

That may be stretching it in the case of the already-expensive S$570k Lexus LS 500h, but this Japanese challenger to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is still a class act. It’s an update on a design first introduced in 2018, with improvements mainly found in the cabin details and the suspension tuning.

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