2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 review: Insta-Punch Go

The first Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle to be available for sale in Singapore is a crossover SUV and a bit of a mixed bag


Before we get into what’s in the Mercedes-Benz EQC and how it drives, there’s the matter of the branding that needs to be explained. For a long time now, we’ve come to know of the brand with the three-pointed star logo as Mercedes-Benz. The performance car division of Mercedes-Benz makes cars under the Mercedes-AMG brand, and now with the big launch of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles (EVs), there’s a new sub-brand called Mercedes-EQ.  

The EQC’s official name is ‘EQC by Mercedes-EQ’. We’re sure you’ll agree with us that it’s a confusingly hip way of attempting to make its electric cars a separate entity from the common fossil-fueled ones, so for our purposes we’ll stick to calling this the Mercedes-Benz EQC for now. 

The EQC is the first of a deluge of electric Mercedes-Benz cars that are arriving in Singapore, with the EQA and EQS soon to follow.

The EQC is an electric vehicle with a crossover SUV body shape. It’s about the same size as the current Mercedes-Benz GLC, and with a broadly similar interior so going from a petrol-powered Mercedes to this won’t feel too different, though in the case of the EQC there is one electric motor at each end driving all four wheels. Total power output is equivalent to 408 horsepower, and torque is rated at a punchy 760Nm, 10Nm more than what a Porsche 911 Turbo can deliver.

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