2021 Nissan Note E-Power: how efficient is it in Singapore?

CarBuyer.com.sg spent three days and covered 500km in the new hybrid hatchback, the Nissan Note e-Power, in Singapore to see how efficient it really is. Here’s what you would really spend on petrol if you owned one…

SINGAPORE — We’re broadly familiar with Nissan’s e-Power hybrid drive system by now, but if not, here’s a quick refresher. Essentially, the system uses an electric motor to drive the car’s wheels, very much like any electric vehicle (EV). However, the batteries are recharged not by plugging it in, but through a combustion engine that acts as an onboard generator.

The idea is to let users experience EV motoring without having to worry about finding a charging station. And because the car’s propulsion comes from the electric motor, you use a lot less fuel than you would with a regular internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered car.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how e-Power works

The e-Power system has been in Singapore for a while now, first debuting on the Serena people carrier, and then subsequently on the compact Kicks crossover last year. And Singaporeans have clearly taken to the e-Power system like ducks to water, judging by the fact that those two models accounted for nearly half of all of Nissan’s new car sales in 2020, no doubt boosted by rebates that allow low emissions cars like them to retail with attractive price tags.

Here’s what an E-Power car – the Kicks SUV in this case – is like to drive in real life

The latest model to receive the e-Power treatment here is the new Note, which Nissan claims to use a second-generation version of the system that promises better performance and improved efficiency.

But given that other manufacturers are releasing their own hybrid models at a rapid pace in Singapore, does the Note e-Power’s system still give it the edge? The CarBuyer Team took the car on an extensive three day test drive to see if it still appeals, or if you should look elsewhere.

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