The Škoda Superb is the Best Kept Secret of Smart Car Buyers in Singapore

Luxurious, powerful, efficient, and spacious, Škoda’s Superb liftback is really an attainable luxury car disguised in a beautifully understated body design


You’re shopping for your next car, and you like it to be comfortable, high-tech, efficient, and also luxurious. There are the standard continental luxury cars, and there’s the clever Škoda Superb.

It may not have the seven-seater capacity of a large MPV or one of those crossover SUV designs, but it has a classic, evergreen silhouette that’s actually even better, more practical and more flexible than a regular sedan.

The Škoda Superb is actually a liftback, with a boot opening that includes the rear windscreen. The whole rear end lifts up to reveal a very deep boot with a wide loading area to allow for convenient carrying of large items. Just how big is it? It has a volume of 625 litres with the rear seats in place, or fold them down and get a staggering 1,760 litres of carrying capacity. 

It’s Boldly Powerful 

There’s more than enough power when it’s fully loaded too, as the car features a 2.0-litre, turbocharged petrol engine with 190 horsepower driving the front wheels through a seven-speed, self-shifting twin-clutch transmission. The front wheel drive bit is important in this context, because not having driveshafts to the rear wheels like some other large continental sedans frees up space between the rear wheels, which in turn allows for the provision of a larger, deeper boot.

It’s a quick car, sprinting from a standstill to 100km/h in 7.7 seconds. Despite its speed and power, you actually also get a great fuel economy figure too, and the car sips petrol at a rated figure of just 6.3l/100km. 

It’s Properly Posh

The top-flight Škoda Superb comes fitted with Laurin & Klement trim, which features piano black interior trim, adjustable ambient lighting from the upgraded touchscreen infotainment system, LED head and taillights, panoramic sunroof, and special embroidered logos on the premium leather upholstery.

It’s a comfortable, spacious and luxurious lounge space for both the driver and passengers. The Canton audio entertainment system delivers music with crystal clarity, and three-zone climate control ensures that everyone onboard is comfortable anytime of the day.  Wireless Smartlink and a wireless mobile phone charging dock means that you’ll never need to plug your phone in manually when you’re in a Superb.

It’s Cleverly Safe

Plus, the Škoda Superb is fully loaded with technology and safety assistance features. A full complement of seven airbags protects the occupants in the unfortunate event of an accident. At low speeds, Front Assist is continuously scanning the space in front of the car and should impact with a pedestrian be imminent, the car can actually bring itself to an emergency stop. 

Side Assist refers to the blindspot warning sensors that you’ll find fitted to the car, and Park Assist, available only the Laurin & Klement Superb, automatically steers the car into parking spaces for you. 

The car also comes fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control, which can follow the car ahead and match its speed so that you’ll maintain a safe following distance, as well as Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) which lets you set the car’s handling behaviour based on how you want it to drive. A relaxed cruise or attacking a winding, curving back road? Make your selection from the DCC menu and the car adapts accordingly. 

It’s Smartly Designed

And because it’s a Škoda, a brand that takes pride in being smart, you’ll find plenty of clever touches built into the Superb from every angle.

The boot can be opened with the Virtual Pedal function, which just requires you to swipe a foot beneath the rear bumper to pop open the boot. This works as long as you have the car key with you, as the Superb’s proximity sensor can pick up on that.

Inside the car, you’ll find a jumbo storage box and cup holder on the centre console, pockets on the seats that are sized for mobile phones, and also a pair of umbrella holders, one built into each front door.

That’s the wonder of the Škoda Superb. Like any respectable luxury car, it’s all put together in the small details. Also more amazingly, it’s more attainable than you might think, with prices starting from S$145,900 with COE for the Ambition trim and S$161,900 with COE for the Laurin & Klement edition.  

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