Exclusive: Clarkson to join MediaCorp



The former TopGear star believes Singapore would be “heaven” for his brand of high-octane buffoonery (Image: www.topgear.com)

SINGAPORE — Sources within MediaCorp have told CarBuyer that Jeremy Clarkson is set to sign a multi-year deal with Channel 5.

The former host of TopGear will helm a car show in Singapore in an effort to capitalise on the runaway success of Channel NewsAsia’s Cruise Control segment, which is avidly watched by its two presenters.

While the entertainment industry is abuzz about the signing, a spokesperson from Channel 5 denied all knowledge of the deal, or of Clarkson’s existence. “I don’t know who or what you’re talking about,” said April Foo, vice deputy assistant to the public relations executive officer for the station.

“Whoever Jeremy Clark’s son is, he could not possibly compare with local talents like Tay Ping Hui, Christopher Fann or Tay Ping Hui. No one watches foreign TV.”

A source told CarBuyer that Clarkson set his sights on establishing a post-TopGear career in Singapore because he believes the motoring culture here is perfect for his brand of high-octane buffoonery.

“Jeremy hasn’t actually been to Singapore, but he’s heard that people there only drive cars costing £50,000 and up,” says Joe King, a close associate of the curly haired presenter. “Everyone there must be tooling about in Maseratis. I think Singapore would be his idea of Heaven.”


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