Get instant track telemetry with this new Garmin device

Garmin’s new Catalyst performance data logger offers track day enthusiasts an easy way to record and review their driving telemetry


Track day regulars looking for an easy way to log and review their driving telemetry data on the track can now look forward to a new device from Garmin that can do just that.

The Garmin Catalyst is a GPS-sized device that the company calls a ‘driving performance optimiser’. Garmin says that the Catalyst is not only able to record data such as lap times and top speed, it also has a ‘driving coach’ function to help drivers improve their times on the track.

The device is essentially a plug-and-play 7-inch touchscreen system that incorporates sensors, accelerometers and GPS trackers to monitor the car’s movements. The system also uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and data from a set of pre-loaded race tracks, to analyse the driver’s lines and style, and offer audible feedback for improvement on subsequent laps based on the data already recorded.

After the track session, the relevant data is easily accessible on the device, without the need to download them onto a separate computer. The Catalyst also comes with a remote recording camera that the driver can mount on the car, and allows for playback of the session for easy review.

The device’s availability for Singapore has not been announced, but the Garmin Catalyst costs US$1,000 in the United States where it has just gone on sale. For more information visit Garmin’s website here.

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