GEAR: The perfect bike jacket for Singapore?

Singapore – Italian motorcycle gear manufacturer Dainese is making further inroads here with yet another mesh jacket offering, called the Hydra Flux D-Dry

Like the other Dainese mesh jackets, the Hydra features a typical ‘Italian’ fit, which is more slim cut and sporty than other European or American apparel brands, although it doesn’t have a sportsbike specific fit, so it should still be useable for a wide range of riding applications.

There’s a twist with this jacket, though: It’s not only meant for hot weather, but also wet weather too. It comes with a waterproof D-Dry insert that fits on the inside of the jacket, replacing the need for bulkier, external rain gear on top. Other features include Dainese’s light mesh construction, ‘Boomerang’ mesh material, composite shoulder and arm protectors as standard, and pockets for the G1 or G2 back protectors. Retail price is $399.00 and the jacket is available in typical European sizes for both men and women. Current colours are only the black and red, for now.

Dainese’s previous mesh jackets, the Air Frame and Air 3 have proved to be relatively popular here, with a growing number of riders becoming more aware of the need for proper riding clothing, plus more attractive pricing on Dainese’s part, through its local retailer, JR Pte Ltd. Currently the other mesh offering in the local lineup is the Dainese Crono.

Need another reason to consider this jacket? Well Dainese Singapore is having a rare sale with a storewide 20 percent discount from now until January 31. 


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