Lexus announces its crazy luxurious version of the Alphard: the LM

New Lexus LM, a four or seven-seat large luxury MPV announced, and Singapore is one of the markets under consideration

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Shanghai, China – It had to happen: Lexus has taken the Lexus stick and hit the Toyota Alphard repeatedly to create its own super-plush minivan.

Click here to watch the official Lexus teaser vid for the LM

Okay that sounds bad, so it’s more like Lexus has gently unsheathed the Lexus wand and tapped the Toyota Alphard with a flick of the wrist to created the ultimate luxury multi-purpose vehicle (MPV)/minivan, the LM.

Presumably that means ‘Luxury Minivan’, in Lexus fashion (LS means luxury saloon, for example). Those of you who’ve experienced the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire will know it’s not actually that much of a stretch since it’s already one of Toyota’s more luxurious models.

There’s a colossal Lexus spindle grille that would not look out of place on the Orient Express, and more chrome slats on the front and rest of the body, though the overall appearance is very close to the Alphard/Vellfire.

We’re presuming the underpinnings are very similar, which would mean a length of 4.9-metres, height of 1.86-metres, width of 1.85-metres, making it about as long as a BMW X5, though slightly taller.

Lexus says two drivetrains will be on offer in the form of an LM 350 and an LM 300h. All-wheel drive is also available but if the car comes to Singapore that isn’t likely to be offered.

The 350 should utilise the current Lexus 3.5-litre V6 as seen in the new LS 350, while the LM 300h will use the same hybrid drivetrain as the ES 300h, with a 2.5-litre engine and hybrid system.

Pierre Png not standard equipment

The very long 3.0-metre wheelbase and square van shape should allow for a cavernous interior Lexus says it will offer the LM in seven-seat configuration, we assume that’s like the bog-standard Alphard with a two-seat second row and three-seat last row.

Here’s where it gets really interesting: Lexus also says there will be a four-seat version. Yes, just four seats, and with a boatload of luxury features. That means two Ottoman style thrones, like the ones the Alphard has, but they should be fully electric, as well as ventilated.

To top that, there’s a 26-inch display screen, a refrigerator, umbrella holder, and touch controls for the infotainment system set into the armrest.

The rest of the cabin will be swathed in typical Lexus style, super-soft leather, deep shag carpets and a new feature, Gin-Sui-Boku (Silver Ink) ornamentation. Lexus has a teaser site with most of the details.

No pricing information is available yet, and the official word is that the Lexus LM’s first markets will be China and Hong Kong, as well as ‘other Asian markets’, so it’s very likely the car is currently under consideration for a Singapore launch.

Given the Toyota Alphard’s healthy presence here, and the lack of Continental rivals (the closest would be a Mercedes-Benz V-Class), we’re optimistic the LM will come to the Lion City eventually.

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