Mercedes G 500 4x4sq — Back to squared one

Expect to see this monster Merc at Geneva. Question is, will they build it for sale?

STUTTGART, GERMANY — Singapore might be an urban jungle, but it’s not hard to imagine this Mercedes G 500 4×42 finding takers here. It’s basically the most butch, rugged, outdoorsy iteration of the G-Wagen, itself no pansy in the great outdoors.

Basically if you take a G-Wagen and beef up its off-roading abilities, then add two wheels, you get the G 63 AMG 6×6 (pictured below) that Mercedes built in limited numbers for its nuttier customers. Subtract two wheels again and you have the 4×42.

Confused? Ok, let’s try that again. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the G 500 4×42 is seriously more off-roady than even a normal G-Wagen.

Here are some numbers that Merc handily provides, comparing its mud-plugging abilities with that of a regular (albeit long wheelbase) G 500:

To pull off all that unstoppableness, the 4×42 (that’s pronounced “four by four squared”, note) is wider than a standard G-Wagen, and it has something called portal axles.

These are portal axles:

There’s a 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo under the bonnet good for 422 horsepower, and if you’re not mad keen on bashing through the jungle it comes with blingy 22-inch wheels.

That is, it will if Mercedes decides to build it. Strictly, the company calls it a “near-series” show car, and says it will make a decision on its production fate depending on how well it’s received at next week’s Geneva motor show.

But who are they kidding? We’re willing to bet that dealers have collected cheques already.


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