New Cars 2016: Hyundai



Hyundai looks to boost Elantra sales with a redesigned interior and revised front chrome grille

What: Elantra
When: Q2 2016
How Much: TBA

Affordable family sedans look out, you’ve got serious company on the way for 2016.

Hyundai unveiled its new Elantra at the LA Motor Show in November 2015, showing off a comprehensively bettered, all-new version of its basic sedan.

It looks much more exciting (mini Sonata maybe?), boasts more interior space, plus a new platform that has 53 percent high strength steel, more than twice the previous model.

While it’s been announced in the US with a 1.4 turbo and 2.0 engine, it’s likely we’ll get a new 1.6-litre with six-speed automatic transmission.

Final specs and equipment will have to wait until closer to the launch day, but the Elantra is looking like one of 2016’s strong sellers already. 

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