Next Mercedes-Benz S-Class to feature rear airbags

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which should arrive in Singapore next year, will feature rear airbags to make towkays feel safer


Towkays now have an extra reason to look forward to the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class when it arrives in Singapore in 2021, for the Stuttgart carmaker has announced that the latest generation of its luxury limo will feature airbags for the rear passengers.

The S-Class has often been seen as a technological leader for the automotive world, and the latest model continues that tradition. In the lead up to its officially unveiling in September, Mercedes-Benz are slowly revealing some of the car’s innovative new features to the public, with the rear airbag system being the latest feature to be announced.

The airbags themselves are incorporated into the S-Class’ front seat backs, and is available for both rear passengers. Mercedes-Benz says that an airbag for rear passengers has to be designed differently to the ones in front, as they have to account for factors such as children in child seats, for example.

While Mercedes-Benz states that the rear airbag system will be an optional extra, it is definitely a feature well worth having, as airbags are highly critical safety systems that can go a long way towards protecting occupants in the event of an accident.

And having multiple airbags are longer the preserve of luxury cars like the S-Class. The new Honda Jazz, for instance, will feature no less than ten airbags, including a ‘centre-front’ airbag that is situated behind the driver that will ‘minimise direct contact between the driver and the passenger in the event of a side-on collision.’

The S-Class is not actually the first production car to incorporate a rear passenger airbag though. That honour goes to the Nissan President from 1993, of which a few units made it to Singapore officially. Unlike the S-Class, the President only had one airbag for the rear left passenger, and the idea never really caught on (or perhaps it was too far ahead of its time), for it has not featured on another production car since, until now.

It’s taken nearly twenty years for the rear airbag to make a comeback, but there’s no more appropriate car for it to feature on than the S-Class. After all, the most important S-Class passenger is usually the one that’s sitting in the rear.

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