Pioneer Z-Series Review: What can a S$4k car sound system really do?

Our ‘golden eared’ guest-reviewer takes a top-of-the-line Pioneer sound system worth S$3.8k for a spin to see if it gives you more than just good vibrations


What does improving a car’s audio system really do for you?

Car audio can be horrendously confusing, given manufacturers tend to refer to their products by model number rather than names, and we’ve pointed you in the right direction with our guide to Better Car Audio For Any Budget story before.

But what can the best off-the-shelf system do for your ears, really? Pioneer installed a top-line system consisting of its latest head unit and Z-series speakers and invited us to hear the difference.

Since some of the CarBuyer staffers are half-deaf from exposure to loud noises (mostly Ju-Len’s burnouts) we though it best to hand over a review of Pioneer’s audiophile-grade in-car entertainment system to someone who knows what they’re really doing – which is where guest reviewer William Whey comes in. 

A longtime motoring journalist himself, William has always had a keen taste for the aural. His real job is manager at, a company specialising in high-end audio streaming solutions for modern homes, and he’s also a certified car audio judge.

Audiosound builds super-high end systems for clients that can run well into five figures or more, in other words these are audio products for people who demand the best money can buy – which means Will’s ears are perfect for judging Pioneer’s top-of-the-line audio system in a real-world installation. 

Part 2: William’s Take on the Pioneer system

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