Porsche Taycan set for August 2020 launch in Singapore (UPDATED)

Porsche’s much vaunted Taycan electric sports car will arrive in Singapore in August next year, and we have the details here before it arrives then.

UPDATE: We’ve driven the car in Singapore! Click here to read our Porsche Taycan 4S review

UPDATE: Looking for the Porsche Taycan’s Singapore price? We’ve got the official numbers! Click here

SINGAPORE —Can’t wait to get your hands on Porsche’s Tesla-killer, the Taycan? CarBuyer brings you the key details on this groundbreaking electric vehicle for Singapore, including its arrival date, estimated pricing, and plans for the car’s charging infrastructure locally.

What versions are available?

Porsche is doing a top-down approach for the Taycan, with the top-of-the-line Turbo and Turbo S models first to launch. They will be followed later on by less powerful variants, but for now both the Turbo and Turbo S are confirmed for Singapore.

The standard Taycan Turbo whips out a mighty 680hp, good for a 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.2 seconds. The flagship Taycan Turbo S meanwhile produces a hefty 761hp, enabling it to go from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds.

UPDATE (15 October 2019): Porsche has announced the addition of a third variant, the Taycan 4S (below), which will slot beneath the Taycan Turbo and offer a more affordable entry point for the Taycan.

The Taycan 4S will be available with a choice of two battery sizes, with the Performance version delivering 530hp, and the Performance Plus model offering 571hp. Range is rated at 407km and 463km respectively.

Other differences include unique 19-inch wheels, a redesigned front apron, and red brake callipers that help to distinguished the 4S from the Turbo models. 

Pricing details are TBC but a Panamera 4S currently retails for $558,188 without COE, so expect the Taycan 4S to come in at slightly below that figure.

When’s it coming then?

Porsche has confirmed that the Taycan will be launched in Asia around the middle of next year, with Singapore earmarked for an August 2020 debut. That’s almost a year away, but Porsche says that’s down to the car being rolled out in Europe and North America first, before progressively making their way to other markets around the world.

Despite the long wait, a spokesperson from Porsche Asia Pacific said that there has already been “strong interest” from customers here, with “some orders” being placed already, without revealing more.

How much will it cost?

Porsche Asia Pacific remains tight-lipped on exact pricing figures, but the spokesperson confirmed that the Taycan will ‘sit in between the equivalent Cayenne and Panamera’, pricing-wise.

The Cayenne Turbo currently costs $607,188 without Certificate of Entitlement (COE), while the Panamera Turbo costs $721,688 without COE. So it’s probably a good estimate that the Taycan Turbo will come in at around the $650,000 mark or so.

There are currently no Turbo S versions of the Cayenne and Panamera available on sale in Singapore, so we can only hazard a guess that the Taycan Turbo S will cost upwards of at least 700 grand when it arrives here.

What about charging?

The Taycan is capable of ultra-fast charging thanks to its 800 volt system voltage, which means that in theory, the car can get up to 100km of range in just 5 minutes of charging, or go from 5 to 80 percent battery charge in 20 minutes.

However, to achieve those kinds of rapid charging, a super fast charger, capable of charging at a rate of up to 350kW is required. For comparison, the current SP Group DC public fast chargers in Singapore charges at a rate of 50kW.

Porsche is currently working to roll out a number of such chargers around Singapore by the time the car is launched here next year, but for starters there will be at least one located at distributor Stuttgart Auto’s premises on Leng Kee Road.

All Taycan owners will also get a complimentary home charger installed at their residence, subject to a suitability assessment. The Taycan can also be recharged at existing public chargers already available in Singapore.

CarBuyer will be bringing you an exclusive first drive of the Taycan this week, so stick around to read our driving thoughts on this breakthrough electric vehicle.

Meanwhile, read our exclusive launch story from earlier this month, direct from Fuzhou, China, for more details on the Taycan.

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