She improved her fuel economy by 84 percent

Here's a hot tip tested by driver Melissa Huang: turning off the air-con saves fuel (Credit: Shell)

SINGAPORE – One driver improved her fuel efficiency in a Toyota Corolla Altis from 14km/L to 25.8km/L at last Saturday’s Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014, an event designed to raise awareness of fuel-efficient driving.

Four drivers from different walks of life drove a set route around the island twice, before and after receiving fuel-saving advice from a Shell fuel scientist. On average, they improved their fuel mileage by 54 percent.

Melissa Huang managed the 84 percent improvement by applying the tips and altering her driving style. She describes the event as an eye-opener.

“I never knew that making small tweaks to my driving habits, even as simple as keeping at 2,000rpm at all times, would make a considerable difference to my fuel efficiency,” she says. “On my second drive, I applied handy tips such as switching off the aircon, as well as the car engine at major junctions,” she says.

Shell has a list of fuel-saving tips on its website, and says it has reached 800,000 people in its efforts to educate drivers about fuel economy since the launch of its FuelSave petrol in 2009.

The petrol contains additives to boost mileage in any car, says Shell.

But the company also believes that drivers and their habits are a large factor in determining fuel consumption.

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“Singapore drivers are beginning to understand that fuel-efficient driving habits and the right type of fuel they pump into their car will improve fuel efficiency and help save costs,” says Louis Tan, the general manager of Shell’s retail sales and operations in Singapore.

To help drivers keep track of their fuel consumption, Shell has started to give out free copies of the Shell FuelSave Log Card, a small booklet that contains basic fuel-saving tips along with a table for drivers to record their mileage and fuel use.

Shell Fuel Save Log CardMr Tan says that Shell is hoping the cards will encourage drivers to drive more economically and to realise the benefits of using Shell FuelSave petrol.










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