Shell launches new fuel formula designed for better efficiency

Cleaner engine internals and reduced friction are the benefits of Shell’s Dynaflex technology, now found in all Shell petrol grades here


Shell Singapore today debuted what it calls its most advanced and innovative fuel formula yet, Dynaflex Technology, now featured in both its Fuelsave and V-Power range of fuels.

According to Aarti Nagarajan, General Manager of Shell Singapore Retail Sales & Operations, Dynaflex is the biggest change to Shell’s fuel formula in twenty years, developed to better suit the demands of modern engines which are increasingly downsized and turbocharged. This means they tend to run at higher temperatures and are more susceptible to dirt and deposits which decrease their efficiency and performance.

Dynaflex is designed to combat this by keeping the engine cleaner, removing deposits formed on the fuel injectors and intake valves, to aid in fuel supply and maximise the combustion process. Dynaflex also helps reduce friction, particularly between the piston rings and cylinder walls, which allows the engine to run more freely and efficiently.

In the updated FuelSave 95 and 98 petrols, there is a twenty percent increase in friction-reducing molecules compared to before, while V-Power is said to offer three times more cleaning and friction-reducing molecules than FuelSave.

According to Shell, these new developments are the result of five years of research, as well as three million kilometres’ worth of testing.

“The new Shell fuels with Dynaflex Technology is a testament to our passion in curating new experiences and products for our customers, whether they’re on the road or when they visit our refreshed Shell stations,” said Ms Nagarajan (below).

The new range of Shell fuels with Dynaflex are available at all Shell stations across the island from today.

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