The 2015 BMW S 1000 RR Is Here

Singapore – When motorcycle brands say they’re unboxing a new bike, it’s usually figurative. In BMW Motorrad’s case, with the preview of the new S 1000 RR superbike, it was taken quite literally on March 7, 2015.

At dealer Performance Motors Limited showroom on 315 Alexandra Road, the new S 1000 RR received its official unveiling, with two units fresh from the crate being unboxed right on the showroom floor.

Mechanics removed the bikes from the crates in minutes, attached the lower fairings and fired up the bikes immediately. Of course under delivery circumstances, a bike would undergo many more checks and a final shakedown ride before being handed over the customer.

The new model is the first major revision for the segment-conquering S 1000 RR since its debut in 2008 – there have been tweaks almost yearly, but these have been minor. Judging from international press tests, the changes to the bike have had a major improvement (see box) and it’s just as well, since with bikes such as the Kawasaki H2 and Yamaha R1, the S 1000 RR’s crown is no longer a given.

Impressively the new machine comes fully loaded with equipment and scrapes in at under $40,000: Machine price is currently $36,500 and PML is currently taking a booking fee of $3,000, which is fully refundable. When the bike is homologated and on ‘official sale’, the price will go up by $2,500.

Above: It actually looks rather nice without a lower fairing…

Standard on the bike are all the key features and electronics that are optional in overseas markets. This includes the active suspension system DDC (Dynamic Damper Control), Dynamic Traction Control, cruise control, all the riding modes (Race, Sport, Rain, Slick, User), Race ABS. Particularly interesting is the Gear Shift Pro, which allows you to make entirely clutchless up and downshifts on the gearbox. It also packs launch control and a pit lane speed limiter.

Want to catch the whole thing condensed into a few seconds? Watch a timelapse video on our CarBuyer Singapore Facebook page.


S 1000 RR: What’s New

  1. The frame is new. It’s lighter, stronger and flexy in the right parts – and to go along with this the chassis geometry is different as well.
  2. HP4 carpet ride optional: The near-magical, improved active suspension setup (Dynamic Damper Control) from the HP4 edition is available as a cost option.
  3. The engine is quite improved: A new airbox, intakes, camshafts, valves and new cylinder head and flow ducts, while the exhaust is completely new.  
  4. It’s more powerful: Engine tweaks and a revised top end gain six horsepower.
  5. It’s lighter: There’s four kilos less weight thanks to a new exhaust and various other tweaks.
  6. There’s more, usable torque: The tweaks means the engine makes more torque and dispenses it earlier too.
  7. For track junkies there’s a Pro Mode: It adds two new riding modes (Slick and User) as well as launch control and a pit lane speed limiter.
  8. It’s got a lean angle sensor: Trying to out-lean Marquez? The S 1000 RR will let you know if you do.
  9. Improved electronics (stability control, traction control, Race ABS) will probably save you if you don’t.

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